Hello everybody

Hello and Merry Meet Dear Reader,

[no, I’m not gonna keep it that formal. But you know … one can make an exception for the first time just in order to pretend to be courtious ;)]

As you can doubtlessly see I have finally moved my blog away from yahoo, which was a real pain in the ass and has promised to “move” it’s blogging tools anyway. Most of us suspect to a payment-only service which none of us is keen of.  So here I am, with a new name and new design at wordpress which seems to be a rather good service according to rumors and the quantity of my-favourite-blogs. *opens a virtual bottle of champaign*

I have reposted a couple of my latest posts to the archive, for the rest visit my old blog which yahoo has promised to keep accessible even after they have introduced their great (lol) new services.

Sooo … I’m looking forward to less eaten-by-the-engine entries, hopefully a couple of visitors & left comments and a looot of inspiration for myself to blog more often.

so long

shabbat shalom & blessed be

– Migdalit


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