“New Eurasia” – Vladimir vs. George (Dec. 10th, 2007)

posted on Yahoo 10 December 2007

Hi everybody,

I Found this today from an internet-forum I’m reading and writing in.

I don’t know how about you guys but I feel sick reading that. Anyhow I posted it in here because I consider it a nice example for reawaking Russian imperialistic views, that can be seen all over the place nowadays.

A non-unipolar world: Yes, please. But I’d rather go for a sphere of interest-groups and regional unions such as European Union and African Union gaining self-consciousness, then for RUSSIA heading the “second block” again. That’s no more no less then Cold War 2.0 😦

Weake up, boys, the world’s not just a giant sand-pitch for Vladimir and George! Up until now it also happens to be the only planet we can live on. And that blue gemstone already has got enough problems to get everybody living there killed twice or trice without Vladimir and George playing “world domination”!

a great week to all of you


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