The Axis of Evil (Jannuary 22nd, 2008)

posted on Yahoo, 22 Jannuary 2008

Hi there,

„LONDON — Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Wednesday that Washington fears Europe may be a staging ground for terrorist attacks on the United States. Chertoff said in an interview with British Broadcasting Corp. radio that he was concerned about how easy it is for Europeans travel to the United Sates. He said also noted evidence of homegrown terrorism in European countries.“ (source: )

Is it only me that was triggered to remember that nice little favourite phrase of still-US-president George W. Bush about „the Axis of Evil“? Because for my ears it sounds a little bit as if the former ally in „the war argainst terror“, famous sequel of „the war against drugs is on it’s way to exactly that Axis of Evil.
But what is that „Axis of Evil“? While Wikipedia describes it as:

„”Axis of evil” was a term used by United States President George W. Bush in his State of the Union Address on January 29, 2002 to describe governments that he accused of sponsoring terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction. Bush named Iraq, Iran, and North Korea in his speech. Bush’s presidency has been marked by this notion as a justification for his War on Terrorism.“

looking for a nice cartoon going with my blog entry I searched the Internet for „Axis of Evil“ and that phrase surely has changed a lot since 2002! Poor bush-baby, soon no one will remember anymore even who brought it into existence to begin with. I nearly (!) feel sorry for him! First the damn Iraqis that just won’t become a proper US protectorate and now that nasty people from all over the world that just adapt his words for their own reasons!

Are you curious about what I found on the „Axis of Evil“?
First there’s a all those bad, bad people who use „the Axis of Evil“ against Bush like this nice fellow blogger: Not quite politically correct either but who cares about political corectness if G.W. Bush is involved these days?
Then you can find a link to an interesting-sounding board game about „the War on Terror“. Very vivid and – I guess – pretty usefull for explaining little children what happened to their dad – or mom.
And of course there’s the „Axis of Evil“-cookbook.
This jewish fellow blogger found the „Axis of Evil“ or „Root of All Evil“ in conflicts between religions.
Also pretty interesting are Zeitgeist‘s ideas on the personell of the „Axis of Evil“ consisting of certain well-known young society-girls.
Last, but not least there’s the „Axis of Evil“ comedy tour.

Of course there are also people pointing the direction G.W. Bush wanted them to: To North Korea, States of the Middle East and so on but actually you have to look for them for quite a while! A little more prominent in the context is Ahmad Ahamdinedshad and Friends, often pictured next to Adolf Hitler and George W. Bush, sometimes even adding Kim Jong of North Korea.

So all in all I guess one can describe the term „Axis of Evil“ as a classic case of backfire. If it wasn’t George W. Bush I’d feel sorry. But this way I just hope I could give you a nice laugh.

see you soon




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