“We didn’t know about it …!” (April 5th, 2008)

posted on Yahoo, 5 April 2008

Hey there,

So I finally found some time to cry out about Tibet. What I’ve acutally been feeling like for a week now or so. I guess I needn’t tell you the facts cause TV’s full of them and being nice 21st century guys and gals we are all consuming our dayly CNN (or whatever station is distributing the CNN-Information).

What I don’t get is what the heck those diplomats of the so called “civilized” western world are thinking. Well actually I do get it, but I don’t want to ‘caus it’s just too disgusting. I guess it’d be something like: “China does already have a technology which hasn’t yet been bombed back to stoneage. We better don’t mess with them. And anyhow they send all those decent toys that keep our health branch running so well.”

But what they actually should be thinking would be something like: “Hell, there’s a damn genocide on the move.” [yep, I do know it’s meant to be jus (lol) ‘cultural’ genocide yet I am not entirely sure about that fact …] “We better get things stopped now.” Or why do you think foreigners have been expelled with such precaution? Because China doesn’t want anybody to see how they ignore Tibetan’s human rights? Damn we all do know! We’ve been knowing for ages!

But of course foreign diplomats don’t do anything at all. Those who at least have tiny balls might travel to Bejing and mention that they are concerned about what’s going on in Tibet and whether the Chinese might not consider letting media representatives back there or at least some human rights NGO or so. And then of course China tell’s them Tibet was an intern problem and they needn’t interfere with it which shuts up whatever diplomat dared to speak up as if caught by mommy with his hand in the candybox.

But wait a minute … what the hell makes Tibet an intern issue? Wasn’t Tibet supposed to be an independant state at some time? Like … sometime back in the last millenium it was …

Who cares? At long as that state or non-state or whatever ‘s not by any chance called “Palestine” nobody cares. They could build Auschwitz II for Tibetan monks and who’d care? Nobody who could actually change things, for sure. Perhaps the Dalei Lama should consider renaming Tibet to “Palestine” or so … or take a class in public diplomacy at PLO headquarters …

What I’d like to know: When one day – and it ought to be a faraway day – scientists go to Tibet to investigate the myth of the Tibetan culture and find mass graves and all it nees to make a decent genocide what’ll a Angela Merkel or a George W. Bush or a Nicolas Sarkozy or a Gordon Brown say? “I didn’t know about it …!”??? Does that sound somewhat familiar?

Anyway it should never come as far as that! Especially not with the Olympic Games in Bejing this summer. Aren’t they supposed to be a celebration of peace within the nations? What better possibility to put some pressure on China are people waiting for? But, as the Austrian sports foundation claimed: “It’s all about sports. We don’t want to participate in politics.” So perhaps I am wrong about the meaning behind the Olympic Games

Sorry guys, I can’t go on here. I feel like vomiting …



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