Where did all the Pagans go …?

Hi again,

So I tried to put together a sophisticated blogroll today. It was no problem getting a huge lot of blogs on the Middle East issue; People who don’t only write informative and innovative texts but do so without taking themselves all too seriouse and in a way you can enjoy. I am so sorry for all of you english speakers out there that some of my most favourite ones are German written, wish you could enjoy those too. But I have a couple of more links on another computer so I’ll add some English ones after the weekend.

Anyhow. As I was putting links into my blogroll I realized that there wasn’t a single Pagan one. Well, no surprise in the first place, for in my old blog I’ve never actually touched the Pagan issue nor stood up telling the world that I am Pagan and what it means to me (and the world). But I thought it couldn’t be that taugh finding some Pagan blogs to go next to the Middle Eastern ones.

Well. Think twice.

Yes, there is a huge Pagan communtiy within the internet. And a lot of them do write blogs (who doesn’t these days?) but then a vast majority handles topics like “how my cat stole the fish tonight” or “how the car touched my car when pulling out of the parking lot” or – even worse – “how I learnt about a way to get my hair curly in only 15 minutes”. What the heck!? I am really glad for you that your lives are that simple. Really. I envie you. But who needs a whole blogroll full of that kind of “exhibitionist diaries” as a friend of mine put it lately?

And then there are a couple of blogs e.g. on Pagan parenting, which means raising a kid in a Pagan way in a surrounding that is mostly Christian. An interesting and important topic, no doubt, but not quite what I want to show you that you may have never thought abut Paganism before. I mean what I was looking for where people like me: Pagans who do speak up. And who do it as much from a Pagan point of view as Christians would do it from a Christian point of view or Muslims from a Muslim Point of view. But I just couldn’t find any.

Isn’t there anything to write about as a Pagan? Are we living in small, bubble-communities without access to the most basic (CNN-)information? No, we aren’t. We are people like you and – literally – me living the most ordinary lives seeing the most ordinary information on TV. Well and then, if we are engaging in some kind of Pagan network we’ll also learn that South Africa enabled Wiccan Mariages lately or about that poor woman accused of witchcraft in Saudia Arabia who’s likely to face capital punishment for our faith (not hers…). But for some reason there seems to be nobody speaking up – which, IMHO, is what blogging is all about.

What strikes me most about that fact is, that Paganism is supposed to be all about responsibility. Responsibilty for yourself in the first place, sure, and non-interference with things that aren’t our problem. But too we are taught by our parents, mentors, high priestesses and who ever taught us our Pagan 101 that with every small piece of might we get hold on so too does our responsibilty for things outside of our own daily live where we are asked to help. We cannot call ourselves “priestress of XY” and then just look away when there’s a Genocide in front of our TV sets. At least we have to try, don’t we?

Oh yes, there are all those “Meditations for XY” and all those calls for “good energy to XY”. But so far I haven’t seen an engery barrier popping up arround Lhasa or so. (I think if it was as easy as that those Bhuddist monks could handle the issue themselves.) To me it pretty much looks like all those meditation and healing circles and whatsoever is done don’t really change a lot. May it be that it’s more of a token thing? So you can check that box on your list to “becoming a great master witch”?

Sometimes I am disgusted about my own people 😦

You want to be high priestesses like those out of the old tales? Mighty, wise, strong? So damn behave like it!



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