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So you do all remember that yesterday night’s post, don’t you? If not go read it 😉

I’ve – of course – given the link to a couple of people more or less secretely hoping I’d be proven wrong. I even talked to a Gardnerian-Wicca High Priest of Germany I know. So somebody who’s supposed to know what he’s doing (Emphasy is on “supposed to” though). So besides those who blamed their bad English there also was the vast group talking about secularity; About keeping religion and politics seperate.

Yes, I do agree on secularity. I do agree on the basic idea behind it. As much as I do agree on the ideas behind socialism AND capitalism. But the hard facts with all of them prove, that they just don’t work in reality. Socialism did fail and so did the lives of a lot of innocent people. And the type of capitalism we are seing today is only working out the way it is because it’s not pure Manchester capitalism but a kind of mixture of capitalism and socialism. It’s balance that works. As usual.

It’s the same with religion and politics. (I actually would need to specify the meaning of “politics” first, but won’t do it here): You cannot mix them but you cannot divert them either. Both doesn’t work. Especially if you take it as a given that modern believe in natural sciences is a defacto-religion too. Your faith or your philosophy or whatever you’d call it is an important factor that leads to the way you look at the world around you and therefor what you concider to be beneficial for it. Maybe uncounsciousely but still it changes things for you. As beliefing in a kind of energetic connection between all beings, as most Pagans do, should change the way you feel towards remote places of the world and things happening there. (As another reader of my blog claimed it wasn’t his business what’s happening in Tibet a.o.) Just walk arround a crowd of Pagans and ask them how many, in retrospect, felt like crap the weeks before 9/11. Most of them will have a nice story for you. And nobody can tell me that this doesn’t change anything at all as my fellow Pagans claimed today.

So, for those who may have wondered about that issue: This is one upon the reasons for me writing this blog as a Pagan and someone connected to Israel. Because I know me being a Pagan makes a difference. And it does matter. A Christian would look at Israel (and the rest of the world) from another angle and so would a Jew or a Muslim.

My friend John makes no secret out of being a Baptist in his Blog Israeloutlook. So why should I make a secret out of me being a Pagan in my blog? Bottomline is being Pagan is, or at least should be, just as natural as being a Christian is.

So yes, I do mix up politics and “religion”. Allthough I believe in secularism. Because I don’t want to pretend that my point of view is free of Pagan influences. I know it isn’t. And you are to know too.

– Migdalit


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