Angela’s promise

Merry Meet and Shalom everybody,

less then a month ago German chancellor (chancelloress? You never know in the ages of political corectness …) Angela Merkel aka. “Giveret haKanzlerit Engela Maerkael” visited Israel and its Prime Minister Olmert, who’s still in office regardless of his obituary already being posted in most major Israeli and a couple of foreign newspapers. Naturally, as she is a politician, she seized this more or less historic opportunity for some politcal speeches including one in Sde Boker, David Ben Gurion’s burial site:

Sixty years after the creation of Israel we affirm again the special responsibility of Germany towards Israel. But there is not only the responsibility for the past but projects for a better future. (source)

Of course she didn’t quite specify the impact of that “special responsibility” of Germany yet the reaction in Israel and especially the Israel-German blog-scene was surprisingly positive. Well, at least there was little criticism about Merkel’s speech. Which might, of course, correspond to the fact that Israelis have learnt when to ignore polticians. Especially foreign ones. Since at the latest the 1970ies flying to Israel for a date with the prime minster in office and talking something incoherent about “peace” and “responsibility” and Israel’s “right of existence” has become a kind of tourism for peregrine policians. Supported of course by the media – mainly that of the politician’s homeland – who’s not getting tired of reporting every speech as if they took it literally.

Needless to say Merkel’s speech and her brave promise towards the people of Israel weren’t taken literally. Olmert smiled into the TV cameras, said a couple of diplomatic words and then that obligatory part of every German visit to Israel was done and could be laid to the files to collect dust. (And there often it doesn’t even matter whether that visitor is a politician or not.)

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert welcomed Merkel, saying her Middle East policies were “characterised by basic support for Israel and courage and determination about everything related to the fight against terror”. (source)

So as usual arab sources heavily protested against Merkel’s intention of supporting Israel’s “right of existence” without talking about their needs the needs of the Palestinian people and then “giveret haKanzlerit” flew back to Germany and her domestic troubles.

Yet while most people have already forgot, as they have been trained to from early childhood on, when I checked Jerusalem Post‘s website today I couldn’t help but remember Angela’s promise: ‘So that’s the way Germany’s supporting Israel.’:

The Munich-based energy and electrical giant Siemens has with “high likelihood” delivered sophisticated data surveillance systems to Iran, an Austrian investigative journalist disclosed in a public broadcast ORF report on Monday.

Speaking from Vienna, journalist Erich Moechel told The Jerusalem Post that he was “99 percent certain” that “Monitoring Centers,” used to track mobile and land-line phone conversations, had been sent to Iran. These systems could enable the Iranian intelligence service to document conversations between Israel and Iran and “build a communication profile.” (source)

It’s kinda funny though that of all things it’s an Austrian TV station that started going after a German company for equipment delivered to Iran that might end up being used against Israel in the end. Austria which, as a semi(?)-guilty country when it comes to WW II and the holocaust, should have pretty much the same responsibility towards Israel’s “right of existence” then Germany. But then in a globlized world with such institutions as the United Nations shouldn’t it be a matter of course to protect another nation’s right of existence?

With Israel, that I’ve learnt early, it’s always special

And who’s paying the bill in the end? Those human beings on either side of the border which don’t care about the border and about hollow ringing words spoken in both Tehran and Jerusalem.



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