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though I don’t trust the source myself and this looks a little like all too anti-Palestinian propaganda(!?) I still think this video is an interesting piece to watch. Some of the incidents shown there really are hard to explain though I wouldn’t be sure just judging from this footage. Just keep it in mind for the future as a possible scenario upon others and – in the worst case – as an example for how propaganda triggers propaganda and leads to a viciouse circle of intentionally produced or even faked information.



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  1. you can actually view the full footage of the cameraman i use in this sequence taken that day at The Second Draft. i put them there specifically so that my use of this footage would be transparent (unlike the way our news desks operate).

    why do you have to go down the rabbit hole of infinite do-loops of propaganda. is it possible that once in a while, when someone points out that one side is engaged in obviously staged footage that our media uncritically present to their public, it just may be the case.

    by the way, this staging of “action footage” from the palestinian territories is not only damaging to israel’s reputation (which is its aim), but also to the western understanding of what’s going on (also its aim), and worst of all, damaging to the palestinian people, who are sold a bill of goods by a leadership more interested in revenging their lost honor than taking care of their people.

    for more on Pallywood, please visit both Second Draft and The Augean Stables.

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