No Politics on Shabbat

Shabbat Shalom everyone,

In Israel I was taught that (religious) jews don’t talk about thinks that might upset them on Shabbat. One of those clearly being politics. Which, though I am pagan, not jewish, is a custom I appreciate. Especially if you are living in a place like Israel you just need a break from time to time. A break from denial just as much as a break from being upset or in fear or anger or pure helplessness.

So today there won’t be any politics here. If you are already hooked on them you may check out my blogroll where I am sure you’re gonna find a lot of gorgeous articles on all kind of topics or just have a look into Haaretz or Jerusalem Post or ynet, the three major english news-sources for Israel which will never run out of politics or problems – and if they do so they’ll just have a brief look underneath some politician’s carpet. There’s enough left for a livetime or two. Even if there was no new one of that kind.

But this, again, would be politics …



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