Inside Iran


Today I have added another two blogs to my blogroll. Both of them being about Iran from an persian perspective and very informative.  One of them is written by a rather brave blogger from inside Iran, who’s censored in his own homeland. Kol haKovot for blogging on in English!

Especially Plateau of Iran has tightened my perception that the major part of the population in both, the Israeli and the Irani, country has little hatered against each other. And that both populations are very well aware that their governments are hypocrats. As was very clearly showed these days when international newspapers reported on an oil deal between, well guess whom: the State of Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

So what the heck!? Are they gonna nuke each other back to stone age or are they gonna make money with each other until everybody owns a golden toilet seat!? Really I start considering the possibility that their elites might find a way to do both at one time.

A really sad part of the tale of Iran, Israel, and the genocide being that both, Jews and Persians, used to be vicitims of genocide, as Plateau of Iran brought my attention to. If Ahamdinedshad just did his history lessons – and this is not even history that was rewritten by the Theocracy – he would know what a “genocide” is all about and why he wouldn’t want to have it around anywhere in the world … But then … do you know the famous quote by India’s Mahatma Ghandi?

“The only thing history teaches people is that history teaches people nothing.”

It’s just all too true. Not only regarding Israel and Iran. Just have a look a couple of thousand kilometers farther to Italy where Silvio Berlusconi is on the edge of being elected again. I mean … this guy doesn’t belong to the Parliament and it was hard enough to get him outa there in the first place. I guess there’s only one place he belongs: Sharing a cell with Moshe Katsav. But then … people elected George W. Bush again (if this was a democratic election which I am not actually too sure about). And people in Israel keep electing the same spawn of politicians too. There aren’t a lot of new names in Israeli top politics. Just have a look at that:

  • Benjamin Netanyahu – Prime Minister 1996 – 1999
  • Ehud Barak- Prime Minister 1999 – 2001

For the next Prime Minister there’s a good chance Israelis will choose between Netanyahu (Likud) and Barak (Labour). So to say between men that have already been de-elected in the past. As Israel by the by has a tradition of re-electing de-elected politicians.“At least we know they’ll keep the country alive.” I once was told when asking for reasons why sane people would elect people that apparently haven’t done their job well in the past.

So let me repeat that: Olmert / Netanyahu / Barak et al. get re-elected as long as there is a threat to Israel. Now tell me one reason they might have a seriouse interrest in ending the crisis …

Explains a lot, doesn’t it?



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