How it all goes together

Hi there,

I have asked myself a couple of times – and I wouldn’t be surprised if you did so too – how it all goes together: Being a Pagan and being into the Israel-stuff. I am writing this blog including both topics of my life but I am aware it must look a little schizophren; like thesis and antithesis withoutout a synthesis.

Yes, there are topics touching both such as wicca author Starhawk’s recent deportation  from Israel that a part (yet a minor one) of the Pagan community is outraged about whilst the majority – as usually – couldn’t care less. Yet the longer I thought about it the more I realized that this had little to do with Starhawk being Pagan but mostly with her engagement in the Palestinian Authorities which seems to have disturbed or worried somebody.

As It’d be interesting to inquire the incident as one of a number of cases of people being denied entry if they were on their way to the Westbank, but it’s not the synthesis between Israel and Paganism I am looking for; In the end Starhawk wasn’t denied entry because she’s Pagan or living up to Pagan ideas. I even doubt those Isreali officials signing the paper were aware of the fact (a lot of people I met in Israel had no idea that there is a such a thing as Paganism).

But then I found this at Patti Wignington’s . It’s about “Jewitchery”, the experiment of putting Judaism and Paganism in the same box and getting a synthesis out of it. I read it and I thought: “That’s it! That’s the missing link!“. Well at least one of them for Isreal’s not only about Judaism. But then all-famouse missing link Lucy (which might have turned out not to be our foremother by the by) wasn’t the only missing link between ape and human either.

So even though that homepage seems to have been a little neglected lately, there seem to be people over there trying to walk the line, or better to say having one foot on either side. There is a link somewhere else then just in my looney mind! One that is rather about feelings then about mere politics. What it all comes down to is: I am not the only Pagan Israelophile out there!

have a magical day



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