Peace that Radiates

Hi everybody,

So I guess it’s time for Middle East politics again.

This morning a headline at Austria’s ORF stroke me which I later also found at the New York Times and YNet yet for some reason no word about it at JPost’s or Haaretz’ homepages:

“CIA: Syrian reactor capacity was 1-2 weapons per year”

Do you remember that Syrian reactor? It’s the place in the middle of Syria’s nowhere where – as syrian officials put it so nicely – “Israel dropped ammunition” when “violating syrian airspace” on November 6th, 2007.

Of course it didn’t take very long, back then, until the whole issue started stinking. Stinking a lot to be precise, when Photos showed that Syria hurried to get rid of every small piece of whatever building used to be standing at that hill the IDF-planes “dropped ammunition” onto. And it wasn’t long until it was public knownledge that it had been no more no less then a nuclear reactor. One that unlikely was built for the reason of supporting the population with electricity but for one single yet simple reason: Laying hand on nuclear material that can be used for nuclear weapons or at least a dirty bomb.

United Nation’s IAEA’s reaction ought only to be touched here for I suppose everyone more or less into the matter of Israel’s and IAEA’s mutually loving relationship can picture it himself:

“the unilateral use of force by Israel as undermining the due process of verification that is at the heart of the nonproliferation regime”

IAEA’s head, El Baradei statet. I – for my part – wouldn’t be surprised if El Baradei’s “process of verification” would have still been “in process” when Tel Aviv turned into a nice mushroom-cloud especially given the new piece of information that I guess El Baradei already had access to back then, proposing that Syria’s nuclear reactor was

within weeks or months of completion when it was destroyed in an air strike last September 6, and within a year of entering operation it could have produced enough material for at least one weapon. (source)

It really seems to me, right now, as if Iraq was the only country in the whole region that was not on the best way of developing weapons of mass destruction yet something there must have been way more frightening then with Syria obtaining WMD’s or Isarel would have had the US’s support with its IDF raid in September (though I guess she’s been better off without …)

And where it gets really funny – or just fit’s into the pattern perfectly where one has to choose whether to laugh or to cry – is when you have your morning-look at JPost and, being an innocent Middle European would think that Israel’s told Syria to go to hell with it’s peace talks when it’s in the same time developing a nuclear bomb one rather finds this:

According to the officials, one question being discussed in exchanges Turkey has carried between Jerusalem and Damascus over the last few months is what comes first, an Israeli announcement – in some yet to be determined from – regarding withdrawal from the Golan, or a Syrian announcement of ending support for Hamas and Hizbullah.

In a nutshells: “Peace talks” between Syria and Isreal to the point of Olmert seriousely suggesting Israel’s withdrawal from the Golan Heights which are – by the by – the most ideal strategic start-off for any kind of invasion into Israel. Neither did Turkey, who’s into the middle east peace talk-business right now, tipp Syrians off on the question against whom the hell they were building nuclear bombs if they are so keen on peace – meaning a state of peaceful coexistence – with Israel. It just doesn’t matter too much though I suppose I am hardly the only person to whom it looks a little bit like Syria’s just been staging a little bit of peace talks so it can outrun the clock until her next nuclear factory’s built.

But this is the Middle east’s circus maximus which is obtained to entertain the whole world and where the civilian population is just as marginal as slaves killed by wild anymals and fighters in the Roman circus used to be. As sad as it is …



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