It’s official

Hey folks,

I had some kind of writer’s block these days, which is why I didn’t write anything on Yom Ha’azmaot though I know I should have. But then I supposes it was done by a million others so perhaps I needn’t feel all too guilty.

Anyhow. When I just checked Austria’s news agency’s webpage this piece of news made my day:

Of all things on the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the state of Israel it is heading right into a grave governmental crisis: While intependance day comes to an end the Ministry of Justice announced that head of government Ehud Olmert was officially under suspicion of corruption.

Olmert, who has been subject of police investigations nearly all the time since he came to office, denies all reproaches. But this time it could get crimpy for him. If Olmert falls Benjamin Netanjahu could celebrate a comeback.

So finally someone in the Ministry of Justice managed to get his balls together and write the report or at least file it for I suppose there have been a xillion of them waiting to be released somewhere. Even for someone like me who wasn’t living in Israel for more then half a year it was common knownledge that Olmert – and with him the best part of the Israeli government – was as corrupt as … well as George W. Bush I’d guess. The rumors said that if you wanted a certain law passed you’d just buy one of his wife’s pieces of art the priece variing with the kind of law you were looking for. It was a blooming business for everybody involved. And in the end: Who cares about the actual citizens of the state who’s live might be put on the line because it will grant the Olmert family a couple of more millions (Euro-millions, I’d guess).

Don’t get me wrong: It’s not as if Netanyahu, or possibly Barak, would be any better. Actually they might be worse. But then you just have to allow your heard to jump with joy for a moment on the mere idea that there could be a slight possibility for change. That one day the Ministry of Justice might have the balls to put half of the Knesset where it belongs: To a cozy lil’ prison. If you ever give up hope that’s it.

So let’s just take it as the Ministry of Justice’s personal gift to the state of Israel for it’s 60th anniversary and hope that it’s the beginning of change. Real change for the better, I mean.

In paganism there’s one thing we’d teach our young ones:

Beware what you wish for it might be granted.

But I have to confess that, though I know it’s true, it hardly keeps me from wishing. And this time it won’t keep me from it either. I wish that the winds of change blow through Israel and leave it behind as a better country with a less corrupt elite. Because once this has happened there will be a real change for sustainable peace again.



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