The Parents Circle

Hi there,

I just found out Lila from Letters from Rungholt is back to blogging after rather long absence. Welcome back!

And exactly there I found the one link I absolutely want to pass on to you, who might not be able to read Lila’s German blog: It’s the “Parents Circle“, a organization that brings “beraved” families, meaning families who lost someone in the Middle East Conflict, together. So palestinian-arab and israeli families get to talk and forgive each other and so on.

I really love the idea. It’s a gorgeouse one. Yet somewhere in the back of my mind I know that those 400 families are just a tiny little piece of the whole picture. Furthermore I am 100% sure that a majority of both Israelis and Palestian-Arabs would be very willing to sit down on a table and not only discuss peace but practise it. In the end every israeli student shared their rooms in the dormitories with Arabs (so much as for Israel being an “apartheid state” …). And as important as it is to keep both groups talking to each other and encourage mutual contact I’d wish that another group of people, the government of both countries is made to think. Somehow. Either that or just exchanged completely with other people that still have their brains where they belong. And this does include all of those foreign governments and diplomats who fly to the Middle East every once in a while for peace-talk-tourism and a little bit of PR.

By the by: Have you followed the news about Lebanon these days? It looked like another civil war just arround the corner but the sitation seems to be more stabel now. Only for what price? As much as was made public the Siniora-government gave in to Hizbullah’s request and for sure the militia went out of the crisis even stronger then before and I doubt there’s a lot to keep it from trying once more. Don’t get me wrong: I wouldn’t take Siniora’s job as a gift! It’s amazing how he at least tries to keep things going in Lebanon and managed to keep it out of civil war so many times. Yet looking at it from a mid- to long-term perspective I don’t like what I see. And looking at the issue from the israeli angle I like it even less.

And then there’s UN with it’s still ongoing mission in Southern Lebanon. I didn’t hear any single word about them. Neither sometime in the last months or during the recent crisis. I’d wonder what they do all day if I didn’t know all too well …

Letters from Rungholt’s Lila, who’s living in a Kibbuz in the North, wrote that they are already fearing for rocket attacks from the North again which would make Israel a country with two fronts to fight at whilst there’s no reason to trust either Syria or the PA’s government plus Iran still capable of nearly everything.

Consider that and ask yourself why Israelis seem to be a little paranoid about their neighbours … As for me the pure idea of having rockets fly on my homeland from one destination is enough to understand a lot; If that happened to any European state the whole world would be fast to – at least talk about – help. But in Israel it can happen for months and months and months and nobody reacts safe going after Israel for reacting …

Strange world yet unfortunately just the usual stuff 😦



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