World Food Programme at its best

Good morning dear readers,

So here’s a link I just have to pass on to you: Elder of Ziyon is asking for what reason the United Nations’ World Food Programme is allowed to stop it’s flow of food-relief to Myanmar (former Burma/Birma) because the military Junta is causing trouble when it comes to distributing the food to the actual victims of the storm, whilst Israel, being attacked by rockets on a dayly basis is condemned of “collective punishment” if shutting down its supply of gas to Gaza that might be used for fueling just those rockets.

So if one of you, out there, would know an answer that does not include the term “double standart” or “hypocracy” I’d be relieved to hear it because for me it just fits into the picture I had to develope of the United Nations all too well

Anyway, have a great and peaceful day.



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