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Amstetten Search words you may still remember my Amstetten article (which wasn’t so much about Amstetten in the end …). Yet it has soon developed into the by far most visited article on my blog. It was cited at Magnus Becker’s (German) blog and is still read a couple of times per day. Also the terms “amstetten” plus “austria” are the overall most used to find my blog via internet search engines. Others, by the by, are “migdalit”, “jonathan pollard”, “ben-ami kadish”, “gush katif” or “amstetten auschwitz”. It’s interesting what people look for on search engines.

Amstetten Stats

It will soon be a month that the Fritzl family was freed from their “dungeon” and meanwhile the international press hole has been filled by means of “Nagis” (or better to say its aftermath) in Myanmar (aka. Burma, Birma) and that grave earthquake in china plus lately also Kennedy’s disease. Yet for some reason the interest in the Fritzl’s case and fortune is still unbroken. Perhaps because there’s still mystery in it for the Fritzl family hasn’t gone public so far (save for a poster on Amstetten’s main square saying thank you for the support). Or has the issue shocked and moved people all around the place so much? As far as I am concerned it’s hard to believe that people living in our world and our time can still honestly believe that men are good and not capable of evil. I know a little bit about denial and living in a western bubble-society but that … that goes too far.

Are people so worried about what’s going on that they need to deny it? It seems to me that on a regular basis those things that people daren’t talk and think about are in fact those which are most important to them. Perhaps for they are those that are connected to their own denied “dark” sides. In paganism we often call it a “shadow” and therefore working with it “shadow working”. It means as much as getting to know ones shadow (=”dark” side) so one is aware of it and needn’t deny or hide it from oneself.

Most of us (save the “light and love”-movement) agree that there’s a “dark” side in anybody of us and that we cannot exist as pure “good” entities and in the end aren’t meant to. It’s not the “dark” side – the idea of violence, hurting somebody, striving for power for no reason but power and others – that is dangerous to ourselves and others but if we try to hide it instead of being aware of it. The idea is that if we know our shadow, our “dark” side we can control it. Just like if you know that you get sick every time you’ve eaten strawberries you’ll know how to avoid getting sick – by avoiding strawberries.

So is this why people are so ffascinated yet terrified by the Amstetten incident? Because it triggers a reminder on their “dark” side and leads to the curiosity that might have always been connected with the origins of “evil”. Some religions can provide us with a pattern of “evil” thus comforting us and making it easy to distinguish. So to say they offer us to take the responsibility off our shoulders. But on the other hand with every bit of responsibility we give a away we also give a piece of our freedom away. It’s a decision every person has to take for himself and certainly none made for a lifetime.

As for Amstetten here’s a brief overview of what happened in the meantime as far as I remember it for I have to say that I don’t consciously follow the whole issue: The family (mother, grandmother + children) are still in a mental institution undergoing rehab. It is said that (grand)mother and daughter are very close to each other giving support to the other. The family remains shielded from the press which is besieging the hospital yet Elisabeth Fritzl, the daughter/mother is said to have agreed on a interview with ORF pretty alike with the one Natasha Kampusch gave back then for she hopes it will cause media pressure to decrease. She is said to have taken walks in the park – disguised as a nurse – whilst her youngest son was taken to a fast food restaurant thus fulfilling his “dearest wish”. As for the condition of her oldest daughter, the one who has triggered the revelation of the case, I have no idea. Fritzl’s lawyer will try to get his client sent of to a mental institution despite a prison for he considers him ill (which has triggered the hole evil = ill discussion in Middle Europe …). He has developed into a media star touring Middle European talk shows.

So let’s see how many hits this post gets. I’m taking bets 😉



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