The Boy who just Wanted to be Loved

Hey folks,

I hope all of you had a great weekend. As for what happened all around the place it was – unfortunately – pretty much the usual stuff though it amused me to read that George W. Bush still talks nonsense about a solution for the Middle East Conflict within his term of duty. Can that still be considered denial or does it cross the border to pure stupidity?

Yet somehow with “George W.” I hold it a little bit like Michael Moore in “Hey Dude, where’s my country?”: I guess he’s basically a man one should mostly feel sorry for. Raised into a family of achievers that never gave him any choices but achieve for the sake of the dinasty and then he didn’t, his businesses failed one after another. I dare not imagine the pressure laid upon him by his parents and extended family, ‘wouldn’t be surprised if everything he’d have wanted would have been to be told that he is being loved even if he’s achieved no more then being a middle class manager, father and husband. But it doesn’t work like that within the Bush’ clan. So lil’ George W. eventually was made President of the United States of America, the so called most powerful man in the world – though I doubt he actually is – for the satisfaction of his father and the family.

Therefor I doubt George Bush jr. is a happy man. Even though he might be weak minded and psychically broken for so many times from his early childhood he must feel deep within himself that he is holding an important office yet is not fit to live up to it. His presidency, which is soon coming to an end, was, mildly spoken, a catastrophe. One for pretty much everybody, I guess. Well perhaps the health lobby is better off then before and the military plus its contractors may have some more work to do but I still guess they’d have preferred a more controlled scenario then the one we have been seeing in Iraq lately.

So what does the man do who might just have sold off one of his twin daughters to a marriage she might not have chosen for reasons of love but rather dynastic ideas? He desperately tries to find his place within history, one that will give his children something to look up to rather then to be ashamed of. So, as other statesman have done and will be doing in the future, he thought he could earn a nice lil’ Nobel Peace Price by constructing some kind of Israeli-Palestinian peace. In the end even a terrorist was given the trophy so why shouldn’t a third class politician be able to? So lil’ George flew to Israel and talked. And he talked and talked and talked and shook some hands. And talked even more. Perhaps tried to talk sense into Olmert and Abbas. Didn’t anybody tell him that he had no bloody chances? Did Daddy’s “falcons” just let him go there full of hope knowing that he’d despair? Perhaps also in order to have him out of the way in the US so they could prevent any further internal damage. If you are blessed with a family of that kind, do you seriousely need any further enemies?

And so he ended up a tragic figure of history siting in casual wear next to a Prime Minister of the State of Israel who’s close to ending up in jail (hopefully …) trying to smile into journalist’s cameras when I have a hard time imagining that he feels very much like smiling. But then his term is comming to an end and after he’s gone through all of that in the end he might finally find a way to live a life he can be satisfiyed with. Just as much as Ben Gurion finally was in Sde Boker being a “farmer” … 😉




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