When Ahmadinedschad goes to Hell …

good morning there,

Here comes a joke I found at Jadi’s inside Iran. I’ve actually already heard it featuring local college lectureres but this variation’s nead too:

Bush, Chirac and Ahmadinejad die and arrive in hell.
The devil sees their faces and asks: ‘why are you so depressed?’

Bush says ‘I left USA so fast, I did not have time to kiss my family and say good bye, I wish I could call the States’. The devil gives him a phone, Bush calls home, talks with his family, gives a couple of instructions to Condie Rice… When he’s finished, the devil asks for 2 million USD, Bush says: ‘What? 2 million bucks? I only spoke for 10 minutes that’s insane’. The devil answers ‘but you are in hell man, that’s some distance call!’

Chirac then tells the devil: if Bush could call the USA, I want to call France ! and so he did. when he is finished, devil asks for 3 million Euros. Chirac is shocked: ‘what? 3 million Euros for 15 minutes talk?’, ‘well you call from hell…’ answers the devil.

Finally Ahmadinejad asks for the telephone to call Iran , he starts to speak and speak and speak for 5 hours. When he is finished, he asks: ‘how much do I pay?’ Devil says ‘5 Touman’. ‘Only five Touman for 5 hours?’ protest Bush and Chirac.

‘Well’… says the Devil, ‘that’s a local call…’

have a great day



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