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MEMRI TV, the Middle East Media Research Institute’s TV Monitor Project, is a never ending source of information yet most of it makes me feel like I should despair over the whole Israel issue on the spot. The pure volume of quotes that, if made in Europe about any other state in the world would cause a major diplomatic crisis, is astonishing. And those aren’t some small a’immah [sg. imam] that nobody listens to but rather senior members of arab (and other) societies and it’s not that one small TV station nobody watches but stations like al-Jazeera that is one of the major news stations of the arab speaking world where the per person ratio of TV sets is higher then in most European states.

What would one find at MEMRI’s “recent clips” on a random day?

Hamas Minister of Culture Atallah Abu Al-Subh: Bush Is a Dracula-Style Vampire. The Blood of Afghan Children Drips from His Fangs onto His Lips and Chest [al-aqsa TV, Gaza]

British MP George Galloway Expresses Admiration of Saddam Hussein and Gamal Abd Al-Nasser and Refers to Bush and Blair as “Dogs” [al-Jazeera, Kuwait]

Lebanese Sunni Cleric Sheik Muhammad Abu Al-Qat’: Allah Will Send an American Gorbachev to End the American Empire Soon [al-Manar, Lebanon]

Iraqi Restoration Expert Miqdad Al-Baghdadi Accuses “The Jews” and US Army of Plundering Iraqi Antiquities [Baghdad TV, Iraq]

It is needed to mention that Lebanon’s al-Manar [future] TV is a station known to be financed by the Hizbullah which never made a secret of its attitude towards the “west” and, of course, Israel. This station is likely to be watched mainly by those who already share Hizbullah’s ideas for there’s quite a lot of stations to chose from in Lebanon which is considered the most liberal country of the Middle East when it comes to all kind of media. The same is true for al-aqsa TV, here the name says it all. As for Baghdad TV I have no information about the political context and the audience but al-Jazeera is watched all over the place and via satellite transferred to every Arab spoken household in the world. Yet for it is known of that kind of broadcast that would be rated 18 or above in the US and considered propaganda pretty much everywhere else in the “Western” world attempts (especially by the French who have a huge Muslim minority) have been made to shut it down or block it but in the end there is freedom of speech in Europe and that also applies to al-Jazeera.

And then on MEMRI there’s another clip:

Jordanian University Lecturer Ibrahim ‘Alloush Suggests Sending Suicide-Bombers Armed with “Small Nuclear Bombs” to Israel

Broadcasted by al-Jazeera, again. And as for MEMRI is nice enough to include a transcript for every of its clips here is the short but nevertheless intense message made by ‘Alloush:

Whoever managed to get a martyrdom-seeker into Dimona armed with conventional explosives should consider how to get martyrdom-seekers into Dimona and elsewhere armed with non-conventional explosives and perhaps even small nuclear bombs. We should think in this direction.

‘Alloush already has quite a reputation. He is known to be a famous denier of the Holocaust and advocate of violence and suicide bombings. Yet the “Jordanian University lecturer” which would point at a person highly situated within Jordan’s society and agreed with by the Jordanian administration after a brief research turns out to be a economics lecturer at “Petra University” which at first sounds rather important. But “Petra University” isn’t half as official as it seems to be. It’s no more no less then a “Private Accredited  University” without as much as an English homepage. I have seen enough institutions of that kind on either side of the border to have an idea what kind of university it is even though I am too lazy to try my bad Arabic on the homepage.

Though to the vast majority of both MEMRI’s and al-Jazeera’s audience those facts are unknown. Being called a “University lecturer” makes ‘Alloush look like someone who has more to tell then his extremist opinion and who is reliable. For the random pro-Israeli it looks like Jordan is allowing people in favour of Israel’s destruction among the senior staff of their universities and for the random al-Jazeera viewer it looks like important people in Jordan hold ‘Alloush’s opinion. The effect being a further polarisation in both directions.

Nonetheless the pure idea of pocket size nuclear (or even “dirty”) bombs has quite a potential for horror. And the thing is with Russian military and organized criminals likely selling everything and Iran producing radioactive material for nuclear weapons it is possible. Iran needn’t nuke Israel personally triggering a multinational war (of which I am not even 100% sure) to use her nuclear potential in a horrifying way. This is why Iran needs to be stopped. Somehow. And soon. Or else the only option left for Israel will be a Syria- and Iraq-like air-raid. Yet Israel violating Irani airspace and having to violence another country’s in order to get there might not be the best idea …



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