Dogs that Bark …

Hello everybody,

When I read JPost this morning an article catapulted me right back into reality despite everything I felt like during the last week:

Ahmadinejad spoke Monday at a ceremony honoring the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

According to IRNA, Ahmadinejad said that “criminal and terrorist Zionist regime” with a track record of “60 years of plundering, aggression and crimes … has reached the end … and will soon disappear from the geographical” charts.  (source)

It’s not at all the casethat this’d be something new (yet I am not sure if Ahamdinedschad has already stated that the time that would happen would be “soon”) but more or less the opposite. Since 2005 the Iranian dictator has made speeches about Israel needing to be destroyed his most important hobby. Alongside with pushing his A-bomb development plans. And UN’s IAEO is doing quite close to nothing and hasn’t even managed to get those plants inspected as they are allowed, even obligated to, by international law.

Some people say it’s because of its boss, El-Baradei, being Egyptian and therefor Arabmaking him secretly wish for the elimination of Israel himself. But I don’t agree with conspiracy theories like that. Someone once told me that there’d be a mathematical calculation to prove that world conspiracies – like the Jews are suspected to on a regular basis – would be impossible because when the conspiracy and therefor the secret aligned with it reaches a certain (and rather small) number of accessories the propability of somebody giving it away comes close to 100%. And from all I have seen with people and their abilities to keep a secret I go along with that.

Yet the thing is that when it comes to Iran’s plans it’s not a secretand therefor not a conspiracy. Even less then in the Thrid Reich by the by (though I was told lately that I wasn’t to call it “Third Reich” for that’s how they called it themselves but rather “reign of the National Socialists” or something like that). The thing is that everybody knows it. Literally. Just go out to the streets and ask people if they know about Iran threatening to destroy Israel – but be prepared there might be people agreeing with it. However only a tiny number stands up to it and those are mostly so far left- or right-winged that no sane person feels like agreeing with them. Normal, non-extremists just don’t get their shit together. They just see and hear it again and again and again and say silly nonsense like “dogs that bark don’t bite”.

Really, the only thing history teaches man is that history teaches man absolutely nothing(M. Ghandi). Hitler wrote it all down in Mein Kampf [my struggle] long enough ahead of time for people to prevent him from doing so but nobody did. I guess a lot of them said just the same. Yet he did. And he did it exactly the way he had written it down. Still people all over Austria and Germany and even within the allied forces that wouldn’t stop or at least decelerate the Holocauste.g. by bombing the rail tracks leading to the concentration camps or the camps themselves, claimed “I didn’t know”. How many of them did have “Mein Kampf” standing right in the middle of their libraries? I mean literally everybody had that book back then!

Don’t get me wrong: It’s not that I want to condemn the generation my grandparents belong(ed) to. I a lot of ways they didn’t have the possibilities. Or if so they didn’t know about them. As for my family we’re speaking about farmers and countryside-teachers and stuff like that. Those where humble, ignorant people who had never heard about civil disobedience and that where not used to responsibility that reached further then their homes or perhaps their village. They were raised with the idea of keeping politics to others and not interfering with them. You cannot compare them to modern people who can access every information just two clicks awayon the Internet and can use more or less anonymous chat rooms and Internet forums to communicate with each other and exchange ideas and plans. And as far as Austrians are concerned they didn’t even elect Hitler.

You can dispute a lot about the Anschluss of Austria in 1938. Could we have defended ourselves if we had tried to? I don’t know for I am not an expert on strategy and military related stuff. But if I have a look on the psychological condition of the nation at that time I doubt it. Austria was not a real democracy anymore but rather a dictatorship of its own (which was our own fault and if only because if that we for sure have to take responsibility) and the schism within Austria, between the Socialists and the Christian party was as deep as the Mariana Trench. Even if the military had been mobilized changes are half of it wouldn’t have answeredto whoever tried to take command. However I wouldn’t be sure the official reason of not mobilizing the army (“No Austrian blood shall be shad”) was what was going on in those people’s head. As noble and understandable as it would have been. The odds are just too good that the idea behind it was more of a political power issue.

Anyhow that was not what I wanted to write about here. But rather about responsibility. And to come back at 1945 Austrians I think if there is anything to blame them about it is that they haven’t learnt anything. That they didn’t have the balls to say “Oh shit, we have fucked up! We have fucked up completely and have ourselves allowed to be used for a damn genocide. Now we are gonna find out how in fucks name this can have happened and will prevent it in the future.” This, if you ask me, is the only responsibility that arises for people like me who have inherited a history that is not easy to deal with. Paying money to Israel talking something about how one has to support it is a nice excuse but it’s not the real thing. Nothing that will enable our children to stand in front of an international conference on history with their head raised saying “We have made the best out of history”.

However the rest of the world is no better. Half of the world made itself believe that Israel is some kind of a military miraclewhere a tiny country can fight a huge one like Iran – a fairy tale often including the US’s military support to Israel after just one call – and the rest of it? Well I guess the rest just retreats to the “dogs that bark …” tale. Or just doesn’t care. And let me guess what’s gonna happen if, may the gods forbid, there was a terrible war between Iran and Israel: “We didn’t know …” Yeah. Sure. Absolutely. It makes me wanna scream “Wake up guys! That maniak isn’t only willing to blow all of Israel up he well soon (?) also have the means to do so!”

Oh, and then there’s another one I strubled across that might fit into the picture:

“Handing over the Golan to Syria, would in effect mean the Iranians here, in the Golan Heights.” – Transporation Minister Shaul Mofaz (source)

Okay and now I am gonna cool myself down with some university work …

have an enlightening day,



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