The Israeli 9/11 Conspiracy

Good morning guys,

As we already discussed world conspiracies yesterday I happened to find a really amusing piece – courtesy of E Verteta’s weblog – about how the Mossad contributed to the 9/11attacks on New York City. Actually I like the title chosen for E Verteta’s log: “Reichstag 911”.

However there’s another one on the Mossad I heard at a conference once and really had a good laugh about:

In Egypt there are said to be rumors about the Mossad handing out chewing gum to nice, obedient muslimahs. And that chewing gum contains some kind of an agent that enhances women’s sexual drive significantly thereby leading to the destruction of the Egyptian Muslim families which are the backbone of the Egyptian society and therefor the backbone of the State of Egypt. So the chewing gum conspiracy is Israel’s plan of destroying Egypt from within.

And by the by: A “mossadnik” (fem. mossadnikit) in Israel isn’t necessarily a secret agent. As the word “Ha-Mossad” means no more no less then “the Institute” it is also used for Senior Highschools thereby turning the common students next door into true “mossadnikim (fem. mossadnikot). Just in case you where wondering why there are so many “mossadnikim” in Israel. 😉

have a great day



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