“We cease. They fire.”

Hey guys,

You might have already heard in the news that there’s that whole lot of excitement going on about a cease-fire truce with Hamas that might later on lead to Gilad Shalit being freed – by means of a prisoner swap of 350 (!) Palestinians in exchange for Shalit.

As much as I wish for the people of Sderot and other communities in the area to have at least that month of peace we’ll have to see if it comes as far as that and if so whether it was such a wise decision on the long run and not rather one made for merely political reasons so Olmert can show off he’s finally done something to “support” Western Negev residents

However others have already written about it. For instance Beer7:

As in the past it will work out that way that Israel does its part to beginn with whilst on the other side the attacks are continued. Cease-fire, we cease – they fire.

Another rather prominent bloger, Elder of Ziyon had a flashback on the 2006 “cease fire”:

Not only did Hamas and the other terror groups ignore the cease-fire, but the number of rockets actually increased in December 2006 compared to some other months in 2006 when there was no “calm.”


The problem wasn’t so much that Hamas incessantly violated the last “cease fire” – everyone knew and expected that to happen – but the problem was that Israels’ utterly incompetent Kadima government felt the need to unilaterally treat Hamas with kid gloves for over half a year afterwards, pretending that it was still in effect.

Not so much different in fact from Letters from Rungholt‘s Lila who seems to be rather tired of repeating the same statements too:

Understood? Olmert’s Sirens (the Greek Sirens, not those on the roofs) proof one thing: In Israel one earns popularity by doing steps in direction peace.

So what is there to add. Oh yes, the thing with the different groups. But that one has already been covered by Heplev:

And here comes the usual – and and always ignored – problem: How do you handle the situation if (and this should rather be: that) there are always a lot of groups, who don’t keep to those “agreements”? Obviously no precaution was taken to hold Hamas responsible if others don’t join in.

But still I can’t help but remember those EUCOP guys I met at a press conference in Jerusalem last year. What I liked so much about them was how they’d not give up hope. I can’t even remember anymore what kind of a situation held it back then – a couple of months after Hamas’ takeover in Gaza – that there seemed to be a development for the better that might have finally led to a stable peace. But I do remember one of them saying “We might well have already said so for twenty times but still we think this is the time when it is to finally work out.” And I am rather sure this time they’ll state just the same. Perhaps one should just join in that believe hoping that the energy of hope will get a stone rolling that can move a whole mountain – or range. Against all odds like the all-famous butterfly in the desert.



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