Hey guys,

A day before Shabbat will force me to think of a less political topic I thought I might present to you a special kind of evolution. Namely that of Hamas TV’s / al-aqsa TV’s children’s heroes.

So first of all there would be Farfour, a kind of Jihadi-Mickey Mouse that taught Palestinian children all kind of vital stuff. Especially about Israel and how it needs to be handled:

Of course for Farfour is a proper Jihadi “martyr” he couldn’t be there for the Palestinian children forever – another important lession learnt – and was soon replaced by Nahoul, the Bee, a brother of Farfour. And when it comes to more important issues then looks there’s – surprise surprise – not much difference between Farfour and it’s heir:

But Nahoul, too, has to die yet less heroic then Farfour, from an illness. However it is easily understood that in Hamas TV’s / al-aqsa TV’s world even an illness can’t happen without influence of the ultimate evil impersonated by – guess who – Israel. Have a look for yourself:

Thereby we reach the current peak of Jihadi “Mickey Mouse”‘s evolution: Assud, a bunny that has become famouse by it’s promise to “eat the Jews”. Yet I have some kind of a feeling that Assud too will have to face an early death for the sake of propaganda.

But don’t grief too much: Rumors hold it that there’s the same person inside all of the costumes anyway …



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