Shabbat Shalom everybody,

I have to admit that I was close to despair this week for not finding something suitable for my non-politics-shabbat. Actually I was considering writing a pamphlet about Paganism as in what it is and what it is all about and so on 😉

Yet I have got friends. Actually quite a bunch of and most of them are as nuts as I am so chances are somebody forwards something you’d like too. And this is exactly how I got a video that shows US officials at their best. Thank you sooo much, D.:

To tell you the truth I have no clue what it is all about. Is it because of all those “classified”s or rather because of me laughing all the time? However if one of you happens to get it I’d be glad if you shared your enlightment 🙂

Have a superb day and a great midsummer night,



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