Shalom everybody,

it is said that from above man can come to understand world as a single and unique being without the separations put on it by mankind. I lately found an satellite image published by ESA of the Middle Eastern Area. To make it easier for you I cut out approximately the region of Israel (though a little bit of the North might be missing). Would you know from above and without lines drawn by man where those places you’d hear about at the news are situated? Would you find the Gaza Strip or the all-famous “wall”? Or Jerusalem that might have spent the best part of her 10’000 yrs. history in war of one or another kind.

Sattelite Image of Israel / Sinai

When I look at the picture these days it worries me. A whole lot. I’ve become quite good at denial lately yet it won’t help anymore. I look at the picture and have to remember the days spent in Tel Aviv and the friends left behind. Friends who’s life in fact is put on the line by different countries corrupt and incompetent administrations.

Summer is approaching. And by saying summer I talk about the school holidays which are to begin and with them stars the traditional season of wars. Because schools – major targets – will be closed and a lot of people, all those who can afford it, will be out of the urban areas. In fact in summer times Tel Aviv seems to be empty of people. Only those already harmed most, the poor will stay. And those would be hit most terribly by an attack. As the people in Sderot are; poor people, a lot of them Jewish refugees from Africa. As if they had’t already suffered enough. But they are hit. Not Olmert who’s still sitting in his nice air conditioned office in Jerusalem.

And here comes problem number two: As summer comes it will be the last summer in office of two insane heads of state with a history of starting wars they have no idea how to end: George W. Bush and Ehud Olmert. No much left to loose for both of them so why don’t start another war? Against Iran for instance. So at least they’ll make sure they make it into the “pages of history”.

When I was a little younger I fancied for WW III prophecies which of course never took place. I wouldn’t claim I believed in them yet usually where there’s smoke a fire is likely to be there too. And these days with all that talk about so called “peace” – which is hardly more then a summer sellout of Israel’s future – I can’t help but remember that one prophecy about WW III that I believe to have been made by a man called the “Weinviertler” (yet for some reason I can’t find it anymore on the Internet) that starts with the words:

The whole world shouts “Peace. Shalom.”

No, I don’t worry about the beginning of a “World War III” (actually I think that with the whole ‘War against Terrorism’ we are in the middle of what will be called “World War III” by history books). But I do worry about Israel. A lot. Even IAEO has declared that Iran will be capable of producing nuclear bombs by the Beginning of 2009 (!) which means that the process is speeding up. Moreover there’s a lot of talk about Iran obtaining both the technology needed to make an atomic bomb small enough to be loaded on the type of missiles Iran already possesses plus a superior anti-aircraft technology. And as far as I am concerned that’s enough to hear the clock tick rather loudly.

Is there still an option for peace? Of course there always is. But a realistic one? Can the world demand of Israel that it risks nuclear annihilation. Moreover can the Israeli government demand it of its peoples? Is there another option left then war against Iran that would not be negligent? How well does the Patriot anti-missile system work? I mean it is reported to be rather effective on mid- to long-range missiles but can one trust in the system when it comes to the possibility of nuclear warheads?

I wish at least another president was in office – either in the US or Israel. Why of all those nudnikim does it have to be Ehud Olmert, then man who’s made a complete mess out of the second Lebanon war in 2006? I trust in the IDF that they know what they do – in the end they did a great job in Syria – but I absolutely distrust Olmert. And whom I distrust even more is George W. Bush who has even less of a clue about warfare. And the rest of the world? Damnit forget about the rest of the world. As nice as I find Sarkozy’s interest in Israel so far he’s done nothing but talking. And not even all too much of that. Europe might send some supplied afterwards. What ever that afterwards looks like.

It is going to be a long and hard summer. Not only because of the terrible heat but because of the decisions that have to be made and directions being set for Israel as well as the region and possibly even more. Yet I suppose if the situation stays calm this summer chances are that it will remain that way for the next couple of years and that some kind of balance can be found. (And hopefully a better government in at least Israel and the US by summer of 2009.)




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