A Huge Mess called Gaza

Hey there,

guess what I just found at heplev‘s. Well you won’t guess right anyway for this is nothing short of completely ridiculous so here it comes (though I maybe should have saved it for Saturday …):

Gazan Arabs who were employed by Israeli farmers in Gush Katif until the 2005 eviction of Jews from the region are seeking ways to sue their former employers for “wrongful dismissal” and other employee benefits. (source)

Yes, you got it right. No need to read it trice though I have to admit I did. Gush Katif is no more no less then the Hebrew name of the Gaza Strip (though even in Israel calling it “‘Aza” or “the Strip” is more common). And for there is only one Gaza Strip – thank godess, that one is already enough of a mess – it of course is the one at Israel’s western coast which is a regular visitor to the media headlines.

IsraelNN reports:

The uprooting of the vibrant Jewish communities and economy of Gush Katif during the Sharon Administration’s “disengagement” from Gaza led to the instant unemployment of about 10,000 people who worked in agriculture and related industries, including 5,000 Arabs from the Palestinian Authority. (source)

In addition of course it ended Israel’s “occupation” of “the Strip” thereby granting something that had been demanded not exclusively by Gaza’s Arab population (did you know, by the by, that in prehistoric times what is nowadays known as “Gaza Strip” wasn’t populated by Arab nor by Jewish people but by a Indogermanic-spoken group?)

It shouldn’t, however, come as too much of a surprise that if you expell those employing your people they will take those jobs with them when they leave. Especially if you fail to build up an economy of your own whilst refusing to work together with the Bad Evil Israeli Occupyers (TM) who even had the khuzpa to offer cooperation on the disengagement (thus turning the “unilateral” disengagement into a “bilateral one). Yet the Palestine Authority has never had a record on building up infrastructure or seriously working against poverty within their population. No wonder. There’s nobody easier to be turned into a “Shahid”, a suicide bomber, then the desperate.

Yet what they do very well have a record on is Public Diplomacy. They are as genius with Public Diplomacy as Israel is disastrous with it. So they very well know that once enough time has passed since the withdrawal for the normal European / US American not to care or remember anymore they can use Israel’s own withdrawal from the Gaza Strip against her once more. Remember the Israelis are the Bad Guys. Always. Like a force of nature. So of course there is only one possible culprit for Gaza’s 50% unemployment rate: Israel. Who else? And even if Europeans don’t respond to it with another wave of hatred against Israel it might still do the job with their own population which has been kept from non-propaganda-news for a while. Sure more or less successful in times of Internet and cell phones put together with a regime that has nothing of China’s superiority on Information Technology and its filtration.

And yes, of course Israel’s authorities have fucked up the whole “withdrawal” completely and produced not only a huge mess but a situation way worse then the one before, which wasn’t nice already. Not only for Arab Gaza residents but also for the Jewish ones. This is no news. Not even to IsraelNN:

Gush Katif activists counter that compensation payments thus far have not covered even the basic needs of the evictees themselves.

Yossi Schwartz, a former owner of a clothing factory interviewed for the Channel One report, said that former workers’ claims could be more than one million NIS in his case alone. Mr. Schwartz, like so many of his former neighbors, is still unemployed. (source)




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