Is that your hero?


remember Samir Kuntar, the guy celebrated in Lebanon these daysand likely in other parts of the Arab world? The Israeli Government has uploaded a video clip to youtube I’d like to share with you:

Perhaps you read ATW’s comments on my post on the prisoner swap yesterday. It’s true, and I don’t think I have ever doubted it, that Israelis aren’t angels, that they sure are failable and the more you climb up the political ladder the more failable they get. I totally agree that uprooted olive trees and farmer’s families kept from their harvest are ugly and that it’s terrible if civilians die during Israeli anti-terror-raids. But no matter if you agree on whether it was necessary for protecting Israeli families from terrorist attacks and no matter whether you agree that Israel can’t just leave Western Negev families alone under Gaza-made mortar shell and qassam rocket fire does it change anything about the fact that the brutal murderer of a four year old is celebrated as a hero in the streets?

Here comes my question to ATW and all the others: Is there any kind of circumstances that would justify smashing a child’s head on a rock? Can you really call this man a hero?




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