Islamic Fashion Show

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actually I should have posted this yesterday but I suppose better later then not at all. Have you ever seen an Islamic Fashion Show? I mean one where clothing both obeying the Islamic law and and beautiful, even modern is shown. (By female models being taken photos of which’d already be an issue for some people). The Iran has hosted the 3rd International Islamic Fashion Show “Women of my Land” from 12 to 25 June 2008

The festival is scheduled to introduce about 1,000 designs for wedding dress and 16 top designs, Farahnaz Ghandforoush, advisor to Tehran governor in women’s affairs said here recently.


“Several specialized gatherings for children, young adults and their families will also be held on the sidelines of the event,” she said, adding that about 500 women can visit the fashion show every evening.


Visitors from about 25 countries will also attend this year’s festival, where Iranian provinces of Gilan, Sistan-Baluchestan, Kordestan, and Ilam will have a special active presence, Ghandforoush concluded. (

Can this be regarded as another try by the Irani regime to present Iran as a modern country with modern issues? Or rather one to show young women that wearing hijab doesn’t make them any less beautiful? Well if so apparently it was a rather bad one as Shahrzad wrote sharing exactly my opinion (though I’m far from being an expert on Hijab-Fashion):


Some are So odd. Colors are not fitted with the pants or scarf or shoes and the makeup is just disaster. Some of them may be good. But generally nothing especial for me! (Shahrzad)


Iran’s true issues are a little differnt of course. Yet unfortunately it’s nothing but business as usuall in the Islamic Republic.


But before I forget, here are the photos of the fashion show as taken by FARSNEWS.








  1. You know, what we Iranian women wear in Iran, make us really more beautiful. Actually in our own way of wearing, we have a very nice fashion, but it’s never advertised like a fashion show. And this fashion show has nothing with what we wear.
    I may have a post on what Iranian women really wear in the streets and you see how much it’s different and beautiful way of wearing in a muslim country.. 🙂

  2. @Shahrazd: ‘d be great if you did that post. I’d definitely link it. Everytime I see pictures of Irani women I am in wonder about their beauty. That symbolic veil they wear makes them even more astonishing pretty if you’d ask me. However I have no idea how they make it stick on their head; hell I can’t even wear a snood-type cap with a xillion of needles – it just falls off … So if you could disclose that secret to me … 🙂

    @nadia: which is exactly why me mean beeing chose that photo *hehe*

    @Lil: you have to google a bit and you’ll find a lot on islamic clothing. (I actually once did a log on islamic head coverings where I linked some blogs: There are muslima out there who do such a gorgeous job on islamic clothing even converting the Sex and the City look so a Muslima can wear it. Amazing, really amazing.

    Thanks for dropping by though 🙂

  3. I’ll do that post.

    About empty chairs, it’s a show before main show just for photojournalists, so they can take fotos easily. After that they opened it for public to sit and watch the show.

  4. hmmmm.. It’s not only Iran that has got islamic fashion shows. They have it in Malaysia, Indonesia and UAE too, and the show that was held there earlier this year was particulary glamorous!

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