Hey there,

guess what you’ll find when curiously surfing by international Muslim forums(just ask google, you’ll find quite a lot of them): A pretty neat and avatar. One of those pictures that might say more then a thousand words:

Muslim forum avatar

Muslim forum avatar

My Arabic is not at its best but still i can read what’s written in the upper left-hand corner very well: “faalistiin”. Palestine.The lower right-hand side is a little more difficult to read, actually I can’t and don’t want to take a bad guess. However I can assure you that it doesn’t mean something like “Israel” But if someone can as much as transliterate it or put it into – for the unskilled reader – readable Arabic you’re very welcome. Until then I guess we can use our fantasy and’ll likely come pretty close.

What I thought about when find this was however what time I had seen a Israeli / Jew using a avatar claiming all PA back for medinat ysreael last … Actually this one’d be one for you, dear Edmund and ATW. Can you help with an example?




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