The non-muslim Hijabi

Hi folks,

I found this when browsing Hijab-videos on utube and actually I liked that woman the more the more I heard of her. Actually I too had that idea of wearing Hijab despite not being Muslim because I too felt that kind of stereotyping Hijab with Islam wasn’t just. And of course also because matching some kind of outfits it can be really pretty and / or handy and I just don’t see why I should be restricted to wear it (by society) just because I am not Muslim.

Somehow I had that thing in mind about organising a “international Hijab day”where women all around the world – no matter whether they are Muslim or not – were encouraged to wear Hijab for a day thereby making a statement about freedom. Freedom of religion and freedom to wear whatever a woman wants without being stared at and without people – men especially – taking her clothing as a symbol of being oppressed by men or whatsoever. In addition I think it might be a great and unifying experiencefor women all over the place if they wore Hijab for a day not giving a damn about conventions. Somehow it’s a reclaiming issue … reclaiming most of all women’s individual responsibility and choice without others interfering.

Well, however I am short of time – as usually this week as might have crossed your mind already – so I’ll let the non-muslim Hijabi girl speak for herself. She has a lot of great tutorials on how-to on utube too, don’t miss them!

Have a great Lughnasad





  1. Awesome post. I am an advocate for coexist and I like the idea of different religions standing up for a common ideal–freedom. Informative blog!

  2. I have always thought that they wear a hijabi to show they are under god, coz in the real world the muslom men have like the same kind of rule -and many of them use a small cap which looks somewhat of the one some jews wear…. I have used hijabi only when entering a mosque. And I am going to mosque coz am married with a muslem man and i respect his religion! Also he comes to church with me. Though we are not religious.

    Anyways, wish u the best and nice reading your blog.

    Hello from Finnish-Israeli-Arab -family!

  3. Hey Suvi,

    ask ten Hijabi Muslima about their reasons and I guess you’ll likely end up getting about eleven answers. Some wear it because it is written down in the Q’ran (though as far as I know that part of the Q’ran is subject of discusssion and translation / interpretion issues as is nearly every word of the book). Others wear it because they want to show of they are proud of being Muslim, others because they feel they want to keep their beauty to themselves not showing it of to every male being. Others wear it because they are told so and some because they feel that way they can force people to look at their faces, not their bodies and so on. There might be a xillion reasons.

    Thanks for your visit 🙂 Your family sounds really great, a lot of cultural elements and impressions I am sure.

    best wishes and love

  4. I came upon this particular entry for mostly the same reasons via my Internet search. I’m so glad to know there are others out there with a similar mindset! I hope to hear more on this subject! Please take care.

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