Another other side

Shabbat Shalom,

there is always another side of the medal. Another side of those countries claiming they are in for “Peace in Middle East” (TM) – including Israel – as well as those commonly known rather for other news. What I found by accident in a Afghan-German forum tonight for sure is one of those other sides:

Regards: Afghanistan should recognize Israel!!!


Salam dear people,

In my opinion Afghanistan should finally recognize the Jewish state because the Jews haven’t done anything to us. I am in favor of a strong military and economical cooperation between Israel and Afghanistan. Furthermore  I am in favour of a official invitation to Afghan Jews to return to their home. I would like to hear your opinion. Thanks.


My opinion: I don’t mind a cooperation between Israel and Afghanistan. But one must be aware of the far going consequences.

Fundamentalist forces already drive us nuts with our land getting foreign military aid. What is going to happen when Afghanistan makes a pact with the concept of the enemy of the radical-islamic world?

I can predict it to you: The invasion of  Arab, Pakistani and Chechnian terrorist-guys, who will level our already bedevilled realm with the vague illusion of “freeing” us from the “infidel”. Moreover I think the Israelis mostly don’t care whether a underdeveloped country, which is several thousand kilometres away and mostly uninvolved in geopolitics recognizes them or not.

That’s it. No anti-Israeli jumping in trying to tell them something about Israeli human rights abusesthough the topic has been posted on June 19 2008, nearly two months ago. The only other posting is that of Rajesh featuring a link to a german article reporting on a tiny Jewish community in Afghanistan: Exactly one man. 

Small things like those postings give me hope. A lot of hope actually. Hope that one day it might be the most normal thing in the world for a Israeli to visit the re-developed country of Afghanistan. Thank you sooooo much guys, shukran and toda raba.

What I think Farhang is wrong about though is that Israel wouldn’t care. I bet they’d care a lot. Just imagine a country like Afghanistan, in the middle of the worst of the whole mess and with a 99% Muslim population, would bravely step forward and recognize, even work together with Israel! What a symbol! What a shot of hope that there are friends out there, right where you’d least expect them. And what a terrible blow for hardliners who believe every Muslim necessarily has to be an enemy

Plus I bet an intelligence and counter terrorism cooperation between Israel and Afghanistan could be rather beneficial to both nations. To Afghanistan by getting Israeli know-how on fighting the Taliban and other radical-islamist morons and for Israel getting hand on islamistic terrorists where they come into existence and a chance to extinct multinational terrorist cells right at their roots. If I was a counter-terrorism-person I’d jump for joy as if celebrating Hanukkah, Yule and Christmas at one day.

Not talking about the possibility for exiled Afghan Jews to return home. As beautiful as Israel is and as much as it might be the original “homeland” of the Jews it doesn’t necessarily mean all of them feel at home there.

Though this might be borderline politics I still think it was a great one for shabbat.

I hope you will get through another week of possibly little postings and am looking forward to having more time for my blog again next weekend.




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