Terrorism is Trendy

Hello everybody,

though I have heard doubts about it I am still here. As I said I had a couple of busy weeks working late and falling apart in the evenings but now – at least I hope so – I am back to business though still a ‘lil dizzy.

Yesterday I paid a visit to the local public library returning some books I borrowed for some university-stuff and I couldn’t help myself but taking some more time – time I didn’t actually have – to digg around in all those books. And as things go it didn’t take very long until I made my way to the politics section within non-fiction from which it wasn’t far to the “Near East” (for some reason we call it “Near” East her but it means the same that would be called “Middle East” in US English …) section. Yes, they do have a own one. Right in the middle of the whole 20th century politics stuff there is a row of books labelled “Near East” between “Holocaust” and “Conspiracy Theories”.

First thing that caught me was a old “friend”: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I was astonished: That book in a public library? I mean, sure you can find it for free online – you can find a whole lot of bullshit online – but a paper copy in a public library? I know Austria doesn’t have the best of all reputations when it comes to the 1940ies and their remains in some parts of the world but it isn’t really as bad as that. Yet The Protocols innocently standing around at a public library under the label “Near East”!?

Fortunately I am that kind of a human being that has to touch everything. Especially books. So I took that one out of the shelf too and was disappointed and posetively surprised the same moments. Having the book in my hands I could finally read the whole title: “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – a Lie. Texts and Comments.” Nice trick to have only half of the title written on the book’s backside. Have to remember that one.

Yet there was something way more interesting there: Two rows of books labelled “Terrorism”. Plain and simple “Terrorism”. Wow. Terrorism sure has become trendy. I mean even “Conspiracy theories” would only be the best part of one row. Not bad, really, not bad. If I was Usama Bin Ladin I’d jump for joy. I mean: How many men in the 20th or beginning 21st century have turned common people’s interest so much towards a completely new topic. Who gave a shit about terrorism on 10 September 2001? Sure enough there used to be IRA in Ireland, ETA in Spain, RAF in Germany. Even Austria had a terrorist of its ownFranz Fuchs sending letter bombs to politicians and people of public life during the 1990iesand causing quite a lot of people making extra-sure that there was nothing unusual about their mail –  of whom in fact it is discussed until today whether he really was a lone attacker. Yet did IRA, ETA, RAF or whoever else cause people to seriously read about terrorism?

So what is new about Al Quaida’s terrorism? What does make the difference? A lot of things actually but the most important might be that other then IRA, ETA, RAF or other late-20th century terrorist-organizations (commonly labelled as “left-winged” and “separatist” terrorism) al Quaida and other Islamist (or “religious”) terrorist organisations aren’t even trying to avoid collateral damage within the “civilist” population but they are rather actively searching for it. IRA and ETA used to call the police warning them of a bomb if they put one somewhere in order of the police being able to evacuate the building in time whilst RAF was targeting mostly individuals, not groups. And they chose their victims with care other then al Quaida et al. which don’t give a shit about the number of Muslim “brothers” (and “sisters”) killed during an attack. For the first time since the beginning of terrorism it does concern everybody, not only a couple of possible targets and experts. I mean concern on a “I am afraid of it”-level rather then on a “hey, that’s interesting news to gossip about“-level.

Even more in times when middle class families are subject to worsening standards or even degradation to lower class a culprit is desperately needed. What better could there be then a real, deadly enemy. Such as terrorists. What better time could al Quaida et al. have chosen for their push towards immortality?

No wonder there is a whole new industry concerned with the production of everything the random culprit-searching middle class person would want to need. In the end I guess there’s a whole lot of people out there who need to thank Usama bin Ladin et al. for their great contribution to their lifestyle. More then doing the opposite, I am afraid.

see you soon,




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