So here are your Zionist Conspirators

Hey there,

look what I just found at JPost. Not even on the front page or so but somewhere deep within the “Israel” section where only the bored (or those looking for some specific information) would dare to look:

IDF confiscates guns of Golani rebels who walked out of West Bank base

The IDF said Thursday that it will take disciplinary action against 15 soldiers from the Golani Brigade who staged a mini-rebellion late Wednesday night and stormed out of their base in the West Bank.

The soldiers said they were treated poorly by their commanders and were in some cases ordered to shower with their uniforms on.

The soldiers, from Battalion 12, are currently stationed near the settlement of Itamar, southeast of Nablus. News of the rebellion came as Col. Avi Peled took up command of the Golani Brigade in a ceremony in the Northern Command.

The soldiers left the base, boarded a bus and went home. Late at night, one of the company’s officers came to their homes and confiscated their weapons.

The last major rebellion in Golani came in March 2007, when close to 100 soldiers from Battalion 51 walked out the front gate of the Tze’elim training base in the Negev and began marching up the road toward Beersheba in one of the largest “revolts” in IDF history.

Then, too, the soldiers complained of unfair treatment by their officers.

The IDF said it viewed Wednesday’s incident “gravely” and that the soldiers would face disciplinary charges.  

So here come your all-famous Zionist conspiratorswho are into the whole business of secretly genociding Palestinians – especially women and children – and even more not just a random unit of them but the Golani, the worst of the worst. They guys with the tree, you know?

Well, let me guess: In fact they did rebel not because of bad treatment by their superiors but rather because they weren’t allowed to tantalize their usual number of Palestinians, isn’t it?

To put it in Doppelpass’ words: How the heck can you seriously believe a people to organize a whole genocide in secret with everybody knowing about it but nobody making a wrong move which isn’t able to do as much as putting their rubbish into the dustbin? Think twice. Or trice, if necessary. And how the heck to you think a military that just boards the next bus homeif they feel treated too bad would go out and be a part of the “Zionst Entity”‘s or the “Elders of Zion”‘s long-term-plan of taking over all of Israeland – at least so I guess – eventually the rest of the world? Everybody who can seriously believe that for more then a second has never ever encountered Israeli kids.




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