Shabbat Shalom everybody,

I have introduced a new category to my blog which is simply to be labelled “hope.”. Hope as in: “those (people / things / organisations / facts / …) give me hope.” It is a tragedy yet a fact that within history and journalism things that give us hope are way less important then those that take it from us. Yet perhaps we have to remember that this doesn’t mean there are less things that would give us hope out there then things that’d take it from us. Never believe in statistics you haven’t forged yourself.

This girl however should absolutely be a part of history as it is passed on to our children. It’s not making a mistake to begin with that counts but hitting the brake early enough:

Girl suicide bomber, 13, hands herself in to Iraqi police

A 13-year-old girl wearing a vest packed with explosives turned herself in to Iraqi police north of Baghdad yesterday because she did not want to become a suicide bomber, the US military said.

Iraqi forces in the restive city of Baquba removed the bomb from the girl, who then led them to a second vest, also loaded with explosives.

Lieutenant Commander David Russell, a US military spokesman, said: “Reports are that she approached the IPs (Iraqi police) saying she had the vest on and didn’t want to go through with it. If she was forced to put on the vest or if she did it voluntarily, that is still being reviewed.”


A german source added the girl led the policemen directly into the terrorist’s hiding place where another explosive vest was found.

I hope there are good souls in Iraq right by her side who’ll make sure she’ll have a safe life someplace – either in Iraq or even better outside – which won’t be an easy task to accomplish after someone handed her photograph to the press. She’s a brave girl. I mean she’s only 13 and had the courage to do what a lot of 31 year olds would never have done: She hit the brake in time. She really deserves a reward. And she deserves to be remembered as a good example by her own people as well as by everybody else.




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