116 Million U.S. Dollar

Shalom everybody,

is a state to be made responsible for its citizen’s actions? The topic has been discussed every once in a while nearly all around the world. In the case of Israel and Palestine a lot of people belief Israel, as a whole, was responsible even for single of its inhabitants’ failures though lately Israel’s individuals out of military service haven’t been very active taking action on their own.

Not so her sister state’s citizens which seem to be – at least on the first glimpse – rather involved in action against Israel, or more specific her citizens. Of course its hard to tell a US citizen from a Israeli citizen – especially for neither of those is exclusive – when you open fire on civilists. And US Americans tend to file lawsuits as the Unger family, which lost two members to Hamas gun fire, did. A Jerusalem court now ruled that the Palestine Authority was, as ruled by a US court, responsible for terrorist attacks commited by her inhabitants and therefor had to pay 116 Mio. US Dollars of compensation money to the terrorist’s victim’s families:

Jerusalem District Court Judge Aharon Farkash ruled on Monday that it was possible to implement a 2004 US court ruling, according to which the Palestinian Authority must pay compensations of more than $116 million to terror victims’ families.  (source)

The PA – little surprising – appealed to reject the ruling though I find their reasons given even more funny as usual:

The Jerusalem District Court rejected the appeal made by the Palestinian Authority not to enforce the American ruling because the implementation would destroy it financially. The Palestinian Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority said that payment of such high sums would have public, political, financial and security implications for Israeli citizens.

They claimed paying the high sum would empty the Palestinian Authority’s coffers and would lead to more lawsuits against the Palestinian Authority.  (source)


So let me get that into a nutshell for you: According to the PA’s argumentation if you committed a crime and were convicted by a court to pay a certain amount of compensation money you needn’t pay it if you can’t afford it!? So if you ruined my car you needn’t pay for the damage if you can’t afford it? Have you ever heard about a democratic court’s ruling supported by that kind of a argumentation?

Even more: How broken does the PA have to beif it can’t afford the payment of lousy 116 Mio. US Dollar? Judge Farkash couldn’t quite believe in that too:

[Judge Farkash] added that the Palestinian claim that the rulingwould lead to its financial collapse was not proven, and seemed unrealistic. (source)

Just have a look on the quantity of European Union aide moneythat is transferred to PA bank accounts every month. As much as 116 Mio. US Dollar are in the private sphere they are peanuts for a state’s budget. Sure one can hardly compare the PA to a regular state for it doesn’t have much of an economy to pay taxes – though they have more wealthy citizens then one would assume – yet if the PA claims they are too poor to pay a lousy 116 Mio. US Dollarhow do they think they’ll make ends meet as a sovereign country? Even hardcore “pro-Palestinians” can hardly suggest that by the moment a Palestinian state is founded all problems will vanish and “Palestine” will prosper like – well I can’t think of any country that ever developed that easily and fast. But then, with all I have seen over the last months, they might claim exactly that argumentation. Or at least they will try.

What so ever: What is way more grave then the PA’s reaction, which wasn’t all too surprising, is the dangerous grounds that Jerusalem court enters by this ruling. If the Unger family’s example is supported by an Israeli court ruling, nothing prevents Palestinian authorities to claim the same, in fact even Israeli courts, which are, in many cases, responsible for the Palestinian Territories too, will have to rule according to the Unger decision. And as little as the average Palestinian knows about justice and the juridical system of Israel I bet this is a message that could spread pretty fast and might put Israeli courts in the middle of an avalanche-like flood of appeals by Israeli raid victims and those who have been made belief they are. However maybe this is long happening, at least it wouldn’t surprise me; Another of those million things the media isn’t quite reporting on.

There’s a couple of more lines in the article that are interesting. Maybe even more interesting then the whole argy-bargy about the Unger family and a couple of million US dollars:

The petition, filed in the US because the victims were American citizens, argued the Palestinian Authoritywas responsible for the attack carried out by Hamas because the terrorists were controlled by the Palestinian Authority and were assisted by the Palestinian security apparatuses. (source)

Do I have to add anything to this? Well, maybe a link to the Boston Globe’s article on the rulingof the Rhode Island court in favour of the Ungers would fit in. For the rest: Just broad it yourself 😉




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