Killing day

Hey folks,

dropping by for a post or so before I am afraid I will have to leave you for another two weeks. Something I really dread doing right now for a variety of reasons one of which surely being how we have come to live in rather interesting times within the last couple of weeks. And given the way things accelerate at the moment one might come to fear that by the time I am back to my keyboard the biggest party might already have ended without me getting any changes of commenting it.

By the big party, of course, I don’t refer to the collapse of the global economy, World War III or the often-foretold End of the World (TM) but more that part of the bigger play we have come to witness on international stock exchange markets these days. A stage which likely will calm down eventually – after enough money has been lost within the portfolios of people who are important enough to pressure governments into mostly anti-symptom bills so they are bought enough time to smuggle their capital out of the market in time – even for it might end up being little more then a brief pause until the next stage of the play is opened on another stage yet to be declared.

So is this the beginning of the great chain reaction of events eventually leading to a reorganisation of the world we are living in – in what ever form that might happen – that I think most of my generation have been waiting for most of their lives? I don’t dare claiming it. I have seen so many days when this was exactly what I was awaiting to see. 11 Sept 2001 for sure was one of them – for whom wasn’t it? As were all those minor finance collapses or seeing those US American banks crash one after the other. And, perhaps except for that bank-thing, it never happened. Eventually the whole incident, that seemed to be so frightening, simply so huge, evened out and in the end of the day life continued as it used to. To put it in a nutshell: I am not all to much into the whole End of the World (TM) thing anymore. It’s become a little boring if I am honest.

Is World War III coming up now? I know a couple of people – in Israel and elsewhere – who believe so. I used to too until for so many times it didn’t happen. And after I left Israel in 2007 I was expecting the country to be blown away so many times I stopped counting. I guess the harsh truth is that a part of me wasn’t seriously considering I would ever be able to return. A couple of weeks ago I did and found her so unchanged that I was absolutely in shock. Only the fares for Tel Aviv buses have increased. By 20 Agurot. Big deal. And in the end even the fact that an insane dictator next country could eventually press the button and blow it all away stayed the same. And the world that just ignores the fact. As do most Israelis, frankly.

But what else is there to do? The world might really fall apart but does it change anything about the fact that you are young and alive and that you are being in love and getting experience in multiple fields? Does it change anything about the fact that you want to build up a life and a career, perhaps set up a family? Perhaps back in the end 1990ies for a couple of years it did. For a couple of years the “no future generation” – that would be us – seriously believed that we were living during the End of Days. Yet we have become fed up with it eventually and returned to pretty much the same lifestyle our parents used to have. Only that a couple of us had lost a couple of years which we have later on, in the struggle for jobs and money, come to deeply regret even if we could never ever be brought said so out loud. I guess one day we will give our children a lot of shit trying to prevent them from doing what we did and of course we will fail. This is the eternal wheel of time. Just as there is an eternal wheel of economics and, perhaps, even history. We won’t see another Hitler rising in Europe but rather some new kind of evil that only later on we will be able to label as “evil” and will ask each other “how could we have possibly not seen this coming?” Has been there, will be there again.

So yes, I am rather relaxed about the stock exchange “crisis”. In fact I sit down at breakfast these days with CNN turned on and just enjoy the show. What do you think: How much longer until we see tie-wearers sailing down NYC-skyscrapers again?

so long,



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