Land of the Trolls

Hey guys,

Iceland – of which I have promised you photographs quite a while ago – has been breathtaking! Sure, going there so late in the season it was a little cold and windy (average 11° / very windy / water coming from all directions; no use of an umbrella) yet it also meant we were nearly the last tourists around and were the only ones where normally there might have been hundreds. Was worth it if you ask me.

Yet it’s “show, don’t tell”, isn’t it?


The blue lagoon

The Blue Lagoon, a hot spring with sulphur and silicates, isn’t only where all the tourists are made to go in order to earn money (hey, I’m Austrian I know a thing about getting as much money as possible out of the tourist’s wallets 😉 ) but it’s really a great place to relax after your flight. The lockers are too much hightech though with even people like me who grew up with IT having to work hard on getting them open and closed.



I love that place! Thingvellir is where the Vikings used to gather during the “Commonwealth Age” to hold a kind of parliament mixed up with a giant market (for tournaments and marriages also). That wall you see above is where the hole set of laws of Iceland would’ve been shouted against so that it would sound all over Thingvellir. It’s also where the European and American tectonic plates meet.

Iceland "Pony"

Iceland Horse

Beware of the Iceland Horses – and never call them “ponies” 😉



No, it’s not a Geysir. It’s Strokkur, Geysir’s little brother for Geysir has retired a couple of years ago. No matter, the lil’ one does the job too!



If there really was gold at the end of very rainbow Iceland’d be a very, very rich country. Yet in fact it lacks all mineral resources. But it’s beautiful. Really is.

Glacier Lagoon

Glacier Lagoon

This is where the ancient ice of the Iceland’s glaciers drifts down towards the ocean. When we where there we had to spend nearly an hour in a roofless boat when water was coming – literally! – from all directions and it was freezing cold. After five minutes we where all soaked to the bones and I didn’t believe I would ever get warm again. Yet eventually I did. And I guess the icebergs have never been as blue as that. At least that’d be what the tourist guide at “Jökulsalon” claimed.

A lot of sulphur

A lot of sulphur

So this is what young land really looks like. And it stinks. A lot. Like rotten eggs, brought to you by sulphur, the wonder of bad smell. Still, I like the idea that this is what earth would have looked like a couple of billion years ago. And as far as energies go – you know, we Pagans tend to have that crazyness about “energies” – it is way better then any drug I could imagine.

Turf church

Turf church

Being Pagans I look at churches from a mostly scientific point of view. Which makes this one especially interesting for it was build the old way: From sods of grass and turf. The walls of buildings like this can be as thick as three meters and in fact it never gets very light or friendly in that kind of houses. Wouldn’t quite like to live in one yet that doesn’t make them any less interesting from that scientific point of view.

So, this, guys, is my Iceland. Go there and see it if you can, it’s a beautiful country even if it run a little out of money …

Shabbat Shalom




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