Hey folks,

as I am back to Vienna as far as physics are concerned but not too much as far as psychology goes here comes a little joke I go by e-mail these days – though actually I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t so much of a joke in the end – to help you deal with the time until I am back to blogging:

An old Arab has been living in Chicago for 40 years. He would love to plant potatoes in his garden but he is alone and he is old and weak. His son is studying in Paris so one day he writes an e-mail to his son:

“Dear Ahmed, I am very sad because I can’t plant potatoes in my garden. I am sure if you were here you would help me dig up my garden. I love you. Your Dad.”

He promptly receives a reply:

“Dear Dad, please don’t touch anything in the garden for this is where I have hidden ‘the thing’. I love you too. Ahmed.”

Less then six hours later the US Army, Homeland Security, FBI and CIA surrounded the old man’s house. They took apart the whole garden and dig up every single centimeter. They are searching and searching but can’t find a thing. Disappointed they leave.

The same day the man receives another e-mail from his son:

“Dear dad, I am sure your whole garden is dug up now and you can plant your potatoes. I am sorry I couldn’t do more then that over the distance. I love you. Ahmed.”

Well, alright … I know the line about CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and the US Army working together kinda destroys it. Yet still … a very interesting way of getting ones garden dug up 😉

I hope you are all having a decent time.




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