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keeping an eye on what could be perceived as the “other side” – which I consider bullshit, as you might already have found out from previous entries – can be rather fertilizing: Today it was Shahrazad, a remarkable woman from Iran, which got me sit down in front of my blog – again. Impressively vivid she shared a part of her own (political) experience:

I remember the first time of my voting, i was 16 years old and in grade 2 of highschool. As first voters, we were not that dumb about what would happen around the world. It was the first and most important election in Iran, for Iranian reformists came up into political scene. After strict years of war and then Rafsanjani’s presidential era, reformists brought up the message of ‘change‘. Changes that people loved the word, even if they didn’t get what can be the real meaning of this motto. [source]

Do you already join me in having a deja vue? I sure had one when reading Shahrazad’s remarks about the movement in Iran that should eventually lead to the election of … well, guess who; Who might be that charismatic Persian leader that moved people talking about “change”?

He promised for ‘change’, a briliant future for Iran as the most successful country in the world. He promised for justice, For putting the petroleum income on people’s tables. He promised to cut the hands of rich economical corrupted leaders off the national wealth. He promised for happiness, hope and prosperity. [source]

Shahrazad goes on and as the deja vue tightens so does the horror in realizing whom she is talking about. Nobody else then the very man that is threatening Israel’s and the US’ pure, physical existance these days and is, by many people all around the globe, perceived as the one man most likely to start World War III: Ahmad Ahmadinejad. The man, in fact, who is compared to no lesser then Adolf Hitler on a regular basis. Talking of which: Remember, Hitler used to be a charismatic leader too. I just lately talked about him to my grandmother – something that is possible but needs a lot of empathy and you to keep from repeating and repeating and repeating that a whole generation has loaded guilt on their shoulders by not preventing his reign and terror – and she told me how people where moved by his speeches, how for the first time in years the desperate population felt hope through his words. And now, if I think about it for a while, what he was talking about was, put in a nutshell, no more, no less then – change.

No, I don’t intend to state that Obama is the new Hitler or at least new Ahmadinejad. But how could we know? How can we tell a charismatic leader that means well – which still doesn’t mean that he will do well – from a charismatic leader that wants no more then trick a desperate people, which is exactly what we have / had in 1933 Germany, 2005 Iran and today’s USA? How do you make sure Obama is not, indeed, “a hawk in a dove’s outfit” [Keyhan @JPost]? With all the popularityhe has all around the world and the power his office provides he could easily come pretty far before being stopped; theoretically far enough not to be able to be stopped anymore at all.

And then, if we concede that there is no certain way to make sure: How can we blame people that elected Ahmadinejad in 2005? Didn’t they vote “change” just as much as US Americans did a week ago?

If only life was that simple and black and white …

… well I guess it was rather boring.





  1. People voted for ahmadinejad, bcs his mottos were different. He talked what people liked to hear. Before getting elected He never talked about what he talks nowadays. Like Khatami who talked what people liked to be told.
    I am not sure Iranians vote for Ahmadinejad again..

    But then there is always the political fever as you know. Maybe he has another motto in his sleeves that people will like ?!

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