Glamour’s Women of the Year 2008

A wonderful afternoon everybody,

so here comes a deed that US American lifestyle magazine Glamour – mostly known for reportages about Nicole Kidman’s hairstyle or “10 things he’s thinking when you are naked” – earns getting some PR for:

They had the balls to elect 10-year-old Yemenite Nujood Ali and her lawyer Shada Nasser “women of the year”. Nujood, an extraordinary girl without doubt, had gained global press attention after she walked up to a local court in Yemen one day and demanded divorce from her 20 years elder husband to whom she had been married off by her family without her agreeing. Shada Nasser, as it seems already famous for promoting children’s rights, later took on the case of the girl helping her to win the lawsuit against her back-then husband:

Two months after her wedding, Nujood returned to her family’s house to visit Haifa. When her parents left for the day, Nujood did something virtually unheard-of in Yemen: She went out by herself and took a bus and a taxi to Sana’a’s main court. All morning she waited, until a judge saw her sitting there. “I want a divorce,” Nujood told him. The story of Nujood’s audacity spread to Shada Nasser, a human rights lawyer. “I didn’t believe it,” she says. She asked why the girl needed a divorce. Nujood’s reply: “I hate the night.” Nasser agreed to take the case free of charge. “But you must smile,” she said, “and you must trust me.” [full story]

Nujood won the legal case a week after she went off to the court and has returned back home to her family. Little surprise that she keeps telling the world she wanted to become a lawyer. She sure is going to be a great one if she keeps that special strength.

I remember her case from back in spring 2008 when everybody seemed to be talking about Nujood in the blogsphere. And I remember being really afraid for her knowing what families are able to do tho those bringing “shame” on them. And from a muslim-hardliner point of fiew Nujood sure had. When I read that she was returning back to her family that had married her off in the first place I was horrified. But they seemingly were no hardliners at all and so, again, I obviousely have been wrong for the fact that Nujood, so many months after her divorce, has made it to the US shows that she is in good shape and though the media is not to be trusted it really seems as if she had found back to some kind of normality and some kind of … childhood. As hard as it is to beliefe: This seems to be a real, happily ever after-story. Wow.

What great news. Stories like Nujood’s give me hope that courage is still awarded in our world and what seems like a miracle is possible by mere man (or woman-)power. I just hope Nujood’s story spread to the mainstream by Glamour triggers the same feeling of hope in many others who are in need of it.




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