Are Witches Real?

Hey guys,

after my rather magic post yesterday here comes something funny from the witches’ front I have spared for the “right” day and today seems to be.

Even today interaction between Christians and Pagans can be difficult a pain in the ass, though I have come to know and spend some great time with Christians, especially that one rebel Baptist, who were really great dealing with my religion and really, really supportive and well … just wonderful human beings. I also remember having that really astonishing catholic religion teacher back in senior high school who taught me a lot about the bible and Christianity and was always happy to discuss it with us without fearing uncomfortable questions. She knew I wasn’t quite catholic anymore and everything it triggered  was curiosity for my believes and my way of life.

Others though can be nasty and childish as kindergarten children. And this is where that article I promised you above enters the stage. It was written by “Father Dwight Longenecker” for the “National Catholic Register”, an US-American newspaper that refers to itself as following:

Our mission is to inform, inspire, challenge & equip active Catholics to engage the culture with confidence. [source]

Confidence of course doesn’t mean their journalists wouldn’t need to look down at other paths. I ask myself how much confidence people like Father Longenecker do have in their Christian believes if they feel like writing the following piece especially for, no matter what religion or culture they call their own, I have found those people most confident about their way of life the greatest folks even if they were really, hardcore religious especially in religious discussions. Anyway, Father Longenecker, chaplain of a catholic school in South Carolina, writes a nice little piece titled with the promising line “Are Witches Real?

Aleister Crowley was an English witch. He reveled in his description as “the wickedest man in the world.” He was a shameless self publicist, a fraud and a charlatan, but he was also an educated, intelligent and willful diabolist. [source]

Hey, so witches aren’t necessarily wicked old women? Wow, that’s cool. And apparently there are witches out there if Crowley was one. And actually I think given the source Crowley ‘d likely regard Longeneckers words as a compliment.

He however goes on a little about Crowleys vita until getting to the really interesting point: His close-up contact with real, existing, living witches:

In 1982 I moved to Bexhill-on-Sea, a town one step along the coast from Hastings. I was newly ordained as an Anglican priest and was heading to my first parish. Living just around the corner from the ancient parish church was a coven of witches whose leader claimed to be the successor of Aleister Crowley. The “witches” were well-known in the town. They lived in a kind of hippie commune, and their leader — a lecherous man in his 50s — frequented all the bars and pubs. Rumors abounded about their drug use, sexual immorality, corruption of young people and dark, occult practices.

As a young priest involved in the Christian youth work in the town, I came across several young people who had been involved with the coven of witches. One afternoon I witnessed an old priest deal successfully with what seemed to be demonic infestation of a 15-year-old girl who had been spending time with the witches. The stories the young people told were of seriously sick and genuinely horrifying attitudes and actions. More than once we had to deal with spiritual influences that were dark, destructive and demonic. [source]

Wow, that sounds horrifying, doesn’t it? Dark, destructive, demonic practices … sex and immorality? Where can I register? Wait a minute … there’s more; those witches are seriously dangerous. I am so glad brave Father Longenecker told me before it was too late:

Be assured that there is not only something to it, but something sinister. To put it bluntly, pagans worship the gods and goddesses of the ancient world. The early Christians understood quite clearly that the pagan gods and goddesses were demons. They understood that the pagan rites were sacrifices made to demons, and that through the pagan initiation rites devotees gave themselves to the demons and that as a result, the pagan worshippers were usually demon-possessed. That’s why the preparation for Christian baptism involved careful catechesis over a long period of time with numerous exorcisms. [source]

But hey, that’s not what you wanna know isn’t it? Good catholics that you are – aren’t you? – you’ll need to know how to get rid of the evil. Back in the old days you’d just burn the witch and put an end to it. ‘s still done in other places but it’s the US, you know, there are nasty things such as laws and then there are those suckers within the very Catholic Church who babble something about the “holyness of life” and so on so we have to be a lil’ more progressive and non-violent these days:

What did we do about the coven in the town where I was priest? A few members of the youth group and I fasted on Fridays. Within six months the coven had moved out of our geographical parish, and within the year they had moved out of the town altogether. I don’t know if it was our prayer and fasting that drove them out, but the Gospel says that a certain kind of demon only comes out through prayer and fasting.

Therefore, what is the best thing to do when confronted with someone involved in the occult? It might be right to confront them and show them what is wrong with their beliefs and practices, but that will probably not do much good. One of the symptoms of occult involvement is a kind of spiritual, moral and intellectual blindness. As St. Paul says in Romans 1:21, 24 “… their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.”

Instead, when confronted with those who have given themselves to evil, I recommend skipping meals on Fridays, praying a few extra Rosaries, and invoking the holy angels — especially St. Michael. It will not only bring down the witches in full flight — it will also do your spiritual life a world of good. [source]

So, guys, get hold of your satanic demons so the Catholic’s can’t take them! Or, for the moment, just keep on breathing while laughing.

with witchy regards




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