Let’s not forget

Shalom guys,

“Let’s not forget”, Shahrazad wrote lately, “… Gaza does not have water. Gaza does not have Petrol. Gaza does not have Electricity. Instead, Gaza has a big graveyard!” and she’s right: We are not to forget Gaza! We are not to turn our backs on Gaza.

Let's not forget!

Let's not forget!

About 1,4 Million people are forced to live in the Gaza Strip, which is a strip of coastal land mere 41 km long and 16 km wide. That makes 4’118 inhabitants per square kilometer, conditions that make me perfectly understand why people call it an “open air prison“. Especially for since Hamas took control over the strip that formerly belonged to the Palestinian Authority with its Hamas – Fatah government, Israel has held most of the border crossings closed safe for minimal amounts of humanitarian goods. In short: Living in Gaza is no fun. No fun at all. I’d absolutely recommend the top politicians of Israel, the PA and United Nations spending some time there for a better idea of the situation.

Often Gaza residents are attributed names like “terrorists” or at least “hardliners” and “extremists”which is used as a reason to justify attacks at the strip – most of the time counter attacks after rocket or mortar shell attacks from Gaza at Israel. So perhaps I should emphasize: Gaza residents are not terrorists. There are terrorists in Gaza, sure, but they are a tiny minority  holding a vast majority captive with their idea of the intifada, the uprising, which will finally, so they claim, get them rid of the big bad evil of Israel. And then when ever they fire rockets at Israel and Israel fires back at the places the rockets have been fired from the terrorists run off but with a place as densely populated as Gaza there are others, innocent people, that get caught in Israel’s fire. And there we go: New civilian casualties which of course make it way easier for Hamas to recruit even more terrorists for their attacks against Israel which leads to Israel making extra sure no Gaza residents can slip into Israel and so on and so on and so on. Everybody has been knowing the vicious circle for years now but nobody feels like breaking it. Why? Because nobody who has any power has the least interest in peace, if you’d ask me. Neither Hamas – if there was peace, how would they possibly justify their politic of extremism and terrorism? How would they keep people from looking underneath their own carpet where, no doubt, there are plenty of bodies.

Let’s not forget about Gaza.Never. Those people are suffering and most of them are doing so innocently. Hardly anybody chose to life in Gaza. Those who haven’t been born there are mostly refugees that have already lost their homes. The fact that a whole population of 1,6 Mio. people is held captive by the authorities of both Gaza and Israel plus foreign politicians and – last but not least – the media is one that should always be remembered. Cause only if done so there’s a chance that one day Gaza will be a prosper strip of land with a wealthy and – most important – happy population.





  1. and I have no clue what you’re talking about … could you please write in full sentences so I know what to respond to?

  2. I am sure God will send down bad muslims to hell first, bcs they allowed Israel to win in blockade of Gaza. Esp this Egyptian government that closed the borders for human right groups to help Gazans.. May God burn them in hell..

    Also there is something interesting about arabs that you may not know. Most people do not know their system.
    Haven’t you asked why after 60 years of palestinian massacres by Israelis, they still exist?
    It’s all bcs Arabs usually live very tribally. They have their own laws inside the tribe. Even in southern Iran where there are some arab tribes, they imply their own tribal laws and central government do not force them to accept the laws of the government.

    That’s the reason why after 60 years of palestinian massacres, still you hear that they exist. All people of tribe help the poorest one in the tribe, and if someday one of them want to sell his land, the rest of his tribe buy it from him.
    Every Arab has a thousand cousins and they’re all connected and know each others. Even if they might not meet together at all, they have strong tribal ties. This law is practised by palestinians more. They survived in this way till now and they will survive. Even if life is so so so difficult in Gaza and West Bank right now.
    This wonderful system used to exist in Iran too almost a hundred years ago, but the kings of that time ended this system bcs they were afraid of its power. And it was the worst thing that could happen in Iran, i’d say. It broke the strong family ties.

    So if Gazans stay in Gaza, it can not be bcs of Hamas, bcs Hamas in compare of tribe does not have power. It’s bcs Gazans have no where to go. That’s their home. In every country they go, they’re considered as refugees and not citizens.
    Sometimes i just put myself instead of a palestinian and it all feels so scary for me that i be forced to leave Iran and never be allowed to come back here again. So scary, so scary, God forbid.. I can not even imagine it. You know.

    And read this post too, written by an American christian. That’s interesting: http://americanarab.wordpress.com/2008/12/12/hey-christian-remember-this/

  3. Well, it’s easy to blame the governments of both Gaza and Israel for the conflicts. But don’t forget that Hamas got rightfully elected in 2006, that means they are broadly supported by the population. If 1,4 Million people are suffering under the ongoing conflict, why no one stands up and does something against it? Like getting rid of Hamas? It can’t be that difficult to understand, that there will never be peace if extremists doesn’t stop firing qassam rockets at Israeli citys. I don’t deny that most of Gaza residents may be innocent, but if they want peace it’s time they take responsibility for their own lives and stop hiding behind a few extremists. At least that’s my opinion.

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