Missing: Sense

A wonderful Yul, Christmas and/or Khannukah to all of you guys,

as might have crossed your mind I was absent for some weeks but I can assure you it had nothing to do with me getting tired of posting but rather with me enjoying that really superb holiday getting away from Christmas and all that lot of sun tanning my European skin to the point of me looking nearly Israeli again 😉 

I got a lot of new imput in fact which has not only to do with the escalating situation in G(h)aza / Gush Katif / choose a name. For now however I won’t write about Gaza though I had a lot to say. Well … perhaps a sniplet as I can’t keep my mouth shut anyway.

There’d be what Sandmonkey posted yesterday:

First Hamas refuses to let Egypt receive the wounded through the Rafah crossing, saying that Egypt has to open the entire crossing for the million and a half Ghazan, or else they won’t get to treat their wounded.. Think about this one for a minute. Let it simmer. When it makes sense to you, let me know.

Does it make any sense? Certainly doesn’t to me … But then, does anything make sense about this war? Just read a couple of assorted blogs and the mere  number of perspectives will nearly knock you over. There’d be A Soldier’s Mother and Shiloh Musings giving that really striking insight into what soldier’s families all over Israel must go through right now. There’d be literally everybody from what I sometimes call the “Israeli blogsphere” – needn’t list here, just start your surfing from my blogroll if you like – brooding questions about the outcome, the rightness and the duration of the war, how it is dealt with by foreign and Israeli media and of course about the fate of both South Israel and Gaza residents. And then, if you step back a little more and read on to non-Israeli sources – Egypt’s Sandmonkey for instance – the picture gets even more huge and confusing including topics like Egypt’s role and responsibilities for both its Israeli neighbour and its Palestinian “brothers” in need caught in the Gaza Strip.  And then there’d of course be the Palestinian side – haven’t found any favourite “Palestinian” blogs yet and certainly nothing I’d recommend reading as I ‘d be afraid that I’d choose something “real Palestinians” might not perceive as “their” perspective. Just read trough yourself.

As I already wrote I might add my part later on but not yet. There are too many thoughts running wild in my mind looking for the right place to put them and too little actual facts read by me so far, with too many people talking about their perspectives of which I don’t want to miss an important one out of ignorance.

So that’d be it for the moment. I hope the situation in Gaza will deescalate soon with as little casualties as possible and some kind of an outcome – though I couldn’t depict which one that’s be at the moment – that will enable both countries to find back into a (better?) normality soon and perhaps might give rise to real democracy and finally some sort of freedom in Gaza.





  1. As for you want to know some blogs that help you, i’ll introduce you to this site that i write there too:

    Its an uncommon group of youth from all over the mideast with members from each country and they write their opinions and thoughts very much different from one another.

    I am sure you’ll enjoy going through this.. 🙂

    P.S: Hey welcome back.. Happy that you enjoyed the holiday, though i dont like to tan my skin since too many white skins are doing this and its getting so routine. I prefer my white look anyway 😀

    1. Hey Shahrzad,

      thanks for the link, sounds very interesting. ‘ll have a look at it as soon as I find some time 🙂

      P.S.: regarding skin: I guess it’s because I haven’t had any tan for years – for some reason I don’t get any skin colour, neither red nor brown – that I am so exited about this one 😎 I know a couple of friends are gonna kill me for it though because they have tried to persuade me that the sun is super-dangerous for years …
      But yes: You’re right. I’ll keep this in mind next time I am frustrated because I just can’t get a tan in Europe 8)

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