Salam veShalom – To the Residents of Gaza

Salam and Shalom to all of you,

I just found this at Letters from Rungholt, one of my very favourite (unfortunately German) blog and one of  the list I’m going through a couple of times every day since the Gaza (Hannukah-) war started. And as I was watching it I felt that those two minutes really got it to the point and that this young Israeli woman said it as clear as possible. So please watch it and pass on the Message of the People of Israel to the Residents of Gaza:

As for me I am with the residents of Gaza and the Southern Negev and all Soldiers involved in the ground operations and their families in my mind. A friend of mine is an reserve Officer at the IDF, I haven’t heard of him in a while and his wife’s English is too poor to ask her (as is my Hebrew); I’m thinking of him a lot and hope so much that he’s savely with his family – in the North … Another friend of mine, who was in Jerusalem when the war started wrote me “one day I went up a hill and it was raining. Then the sun came out, I walked back home and came to a war.” She lives in the North and she told me she doesn’t have a save room or bombshelter and I am afraid the closest one could be too far for her to reach as she’s not of the best health; I thank quite a bunch of gods for every day no rockets fall on the North.

But as the Northern Boarder remains calm – thankfully – and the international reacation and media coverage really seems to be less onsidedly pro-Hamas this time I am starting to feel hope that when the war has ended in a couple of days, maybe weeks, that friend of mine could walk down a hill again and come back to peace and perhaps, only perhaps, an improved situation. One where not only Western Negev residents will be able to life normal lives again – withouth having to be able to run to the next bomb shelter within 15 seconds – but Gaza will be a place save enough to open the boarders to goods so desperately needed so that the lives of the people there might be improved too and a path to normality might be found. And maybe, only maybe, enduring peace might have a chance on the long run; One day the people of Gaza and Israel could really be no more no less then neighbours. Wouldn’t that be a dream to struggle for?

I wish all of you a peaceful day filled with hope

blessed be




  1. I dont think you can put someone in jail and beacuse you supply him with food that he should be fine and happy, Israel is an invader and not willing to even share, no peace will ever be until it is fair, which Israel will nver let happen.

  2. Dear Mike,
    this is not about giving them food so they are happy but rather about small steps. Why aren’t Gazans getting enough food right now? Because Israel has to search every single truck so no weapons get smuggled into Gaza (guess where all those rockets fired at Southern Israel – besides home-made Qassam – come from). So if there were no rockets fired at Israel anymore Israel could step after step release security measures until a normal life in Gaza is possible.
    Besides I find it very interesting that the current Hamas administration has made no mentionable efford to end its people’s dependancy on international aid. What happened to all of the fertile land left behind by Gush Katif settelers as they left? Why didn’t any Gazans take that land over and grow their own food?
    Because all Hamas did during the last years was building ans smuggling in weapons, military infrastructure – such as bunkers, boobytraps, etc. – and building up an army to ultimately battle Israel. What happened to Gaza’s residents apparently has never been of interest to the Hamas administration other then taking them captive as prisoners in their own land so they could show to the western world how bad they were threated by Israel.

    Israel of course has contributed to the situation in Gaza but at least she had a reason to do so – imagine rockets falling of your homeland’s territory, wouldn’t you ask your government to take measures to end it? – whilst Hamas made its people suffer on purpose.

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