“Murderer Israel!”

Shalom everybody,

so finally here are the  first videos as taken by myself on Saturday, 3 January 2009 in my hometown where I stayed over the weekend to visit old friends and family. As I was walking downtown I realized that the trams of the city moved no faster then by a turtle’s speed and as I bypassed them approaching the main square I came to hear sounds that made me curious:

“Mörder Israel!” – “Murderer Israel!”, angry, definitely non-Austrian voices sounded. And “Israel Terrorist!”. I guess there was some “Free Gaza!” involved too as it was spread all over but nothing I could have sounded out. And then, of course, there was my favourite and the sound at which I remembered that my brand-new mobile phone does have that handy video recording tool which I only used to film a friend that had gotten a little too drunk and was extra sure I wouldn’t dare recording the video so far. That lovely chant was nothing but: “Allahu akbar!” Hands raised in the air it looked exactly like what you wouldn’t see at TV when “peaceful demonstrations” were broadcasted. Talking of which: There was enough police nearby to protect half a G8 summit and our local police normally isn’t all too much into being present at demonstrations – hey I used to do that myself when I was a kid; demonstrating I mean, we’ve nothing but dreamt about as much police attendance as that. Plain racism or had they studied that organisation’s dossier?

A general overview over the demonstration – I’m sorry the sound’s a mess. Wasn’t all too many attendants for my hometowns measures … I’d say mediocre. Anyhow what struck me was the ethnic origin – is that PC these days? – of the demonstrators: Mainly people of Middle Eastern background – apparently no German native speaker helped them with their signs as they were rather misspelled – with a small add-on of what looked like that random ultra-left-winger of which my hometown as a typical labourer’s town with rather politically active youth has a lot of. Normal residents stood nearby looking at what happened to their town rather skeptical if not to say with outright anger. Many taking photographs or videos with their mobiles too. In fact I heard a lot of people complaining about the demonstrations claiming that Hamas had provoked the attacks in the first place and all they had to do to “stop the war” was … well … stoping it etc. so the general population of my hometown seemed to be pretty pro-Israel in the conflict. Really makes me hope for growing international support. Finally.

Same demonstrations a couple of meters away from video nr. 1 where I could slip in in front of the demonstration and the police officers. There were some more police cars in front of me and quite a lot of people taking videos just next to me. Gratefully the messed-up sound didn’t prevent a clear recording of my all-favourite “allahu akbar!”.

I asked one of the police officers for the destination of the demonstration intending to have a hear at the speeches and went of for some shopping I wanted to do. I arrived at the main square about half an hour later and the crowd had already dissembled; apparently not much of speeches 😦

So this is what it feels like to be a “real journalist” 😉 Okay … I’ve to work at taking videos, I guess.

so far




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