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My discussion with Shahrzad in her – great! – blog finally triggered another post to mine. Shahrzad solidarises a lot with the people of Gaza in her blog which is no surprise given not only that she’s Muslim and there still is that thing called “umma“, featuring a feeling of belonging together, standing together upon Muslims – gosh how I wish Pagans had just a wee little bit of that!

There’s a lot of solidarity going on in Israel too at the moment. People from everywhere in the country try to support Western Negev residents who are subject to heavy rocket fire. Actions taken range from sending yarn and needles so people are encouraged to knit – yes, knitting does help coping with stress situations; I am knitting a new scarf too at the moment – to inviting them to a day off from the war in the North. Yet I wouldn’t go as far as suggesting that the barriers that divide Israel’s society into a xillion fractions would have disappeared because of the war. It’s still people from one fraction helping each other – mostly. Israel’s fractionism, her pluralism, seem to be genetic but sometimes I think it might be, along with her very vivid politic opposition, one of her treasures. Though it can suck a lot.

Anyway. Supporting Gaza residents Shahrzad pointed, as do many others, at the “disproportional” response of Israel’s army to Gaza’s rockets.

Read this:


Yes, Israelis deserve security. Twenty Israelis dead in 10 years around Gaza is a grim figure indeed. But 600 Palestinians dead in just over a week […] is on a quite different scale.

It’s true. Casualties at the Gazan sides by far outnumber Isreali ones and I guess – though I don’t have any numbers to prove it – that’s not new to the conflict either. But have you ever asked yourself why exactly that happens?

Let’s have a look at the most emotional issue: Children. Dead and wounded children. The most desperate and uglies side of every war. There’s a small image appearing at pro-Israel blogs that might be a little harsh but sums it up rather well:

Israeli schools are hit by Gaza-originated rockets just as much as Gaza schools are hit by Israelis (actually I think there was more then one Israeli school but only the UN school in Gaza …) but firstly Israeli schools in the “old qassam belt” are meanwhile mostly constructed into outright bomb shelters so children are safe there even if the building is hit. Concerning the rest schools have been closed down as soon as the war started for they were too obvious a target. As Lila put it for Israel children are their most sacred treasure, the country’s future so they take every means possible to protect them which, of course, makes it rather difficult for terrorists to harm them.

Palestinian terrorists, on the other hand, tend to approach the whole children-issue a little different from that. They don’t give a shit if their children are playing around with homemade Qassam rockets – a couple of children have died doing so during the last year, I don’t know if they were included into the “children killed by Israel”-statistics or not. Apparently that UN school hit by Israel these days was not closed down. Who lets his children go to school in the middle of a war? Wouldn’t every sane person keep them home where they are more or less safe or at least can be watched at by their parents? If that school in Be’er Sheva that has been hit by a rocket these days wouldn’t have been closed you can be sure as hell there would have been dead Israeli childrenstorage for explosives too. And this is not talking about the fact that said UN school was used as a – as could be seen by the nice secondary explosion.

But it gets worse then that. Palestinian terrorists tend to keep their children with them if they know their house is about to be attacked – it’s not as if they weren’t warned! – by Israel so they can die together with them as “martyrs”. Of course that way the number of dead children rises quite steadily. Surprise surprise. I bet if Israel took as little security measures to protect their children as Gaza does the number of dead Israeli children wouldn’t be all too far away from that of dead children in Gaza.

To put it in a nutshell: Israel’s war against Gaza is “disproportional” because Israel does protect her weakest population whilst Hamas uses their own children as human shields. Period.

a good night to all of you




  1. Migdalit, I read your article on my post. Unfortunately i disagree with this, bcs your reasoning is not logical at all.
    You assumed Hamas as a complete separated thing just fell down on people of Gaza. But it’s wrong. Hamas and its members have family ties in Gaza and sure nobody put his own children front of bumbs. As long as Israeli sodiars have parents, children and spouse in Israel, Hamas members also have their family with them there in Gaza. They fight to defend them as you point that Israeli sodiars fight to defend!!

    Btw, those who shot rockets, during ceasefire, were not by Hamas, but by Al Aqsa group which is part of ‘Fath’ group (Fath rules in West Bank via Mahmoud Abbas who is supported inside out by israel and is against Hamas as you may know).
    Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7501025.stm
    You may get the idea that Israeli government is behind the rockets over her nation during ceasefire to find excuse and start a war. (!)

    About why i write on Gaza, again i disagree with you to put me in a group and the lebal of shahrzad-is-muslim-part-of-Ummah etc.
    There are christians who got murdered in Gaza by Israelis too. And there are many people from many different religions who protest against Israeli crime in Gaza. If you were under injustice and oppression, sure i would use my voice and my blog for call of awareness against your enemy, whether you’re Pagan or from any ethnicity and religion.
    I may write a post abt it if i find time.

  2. Robert Fisk is Western media with a vengeance. He could be set up as the role model for useful idiots and the more malicious variety of stooges for totalitarian regimes.

    Christians have been oppressed and murdered by Hamas in the Gaza strip long before the Israeli military action.

    Isn’t is significant that Hamas is capable of putting Fatah members under house arrest, shoot them into their legs or execute them right in the middle of the war. However, they could never do a thing to stop them from firing rockets during cease fires?

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