nobody cares – especially not UNSC

Good morning everybody,

what I just had to read casually overflowing the headlines kicked me awake better then any coffee could have possibly:

UN security council approves Gaza cease-fire resolution

This happened just at the point where for the first time since I’ve come in contact with the whole mess in the Near East I’ve had real hope that the international community would come to its senses and recognize Israel’s right to defend her citizens. Where they would see that some 700 casualties, of which about 500 – even after UN-quoted Palestinian sources – are unlawful or lawful combatants is not a genocide. Nobody stopped the US when they marched into Iraq like Rambo killing thousands of actually civilians. Nobody gave a shit at UN. And now nobody gives a shit about Western Negev residents who have been under constant rocket fire for years while diplomacy – the carrot – gravely failed and failed and failed. There is no word of Israel’s filed complaint about weapons being stored at a UN school nowhere. There is not as much as a syllable about why Hamas kept promoting rockets instead of Pita – as Lila put it – over years and years thereby keeping Gaza residents depending on international food aid of which, of course, nobody mentions that it has been delivered by Israel and Israeli drivers risking their lives going to a place as dangerous as the crossings into Gaza. And no, not dangerous because the Israeli would shoot at their own people to prevent goods from arriving at Gaza – it’s sad but I know there are enough people cynical enough to actually believe that out there – but because Hamas does.

But the war has to stop. It has to stop now. So UN writes in her resolution which unfortunately doesn’t seem to have been published yet at neither UN’s Middle East site nor UNSC’s information center. I’d love to read it after all those hints in the media but I’m afraid the bottom line will stay just the same then that in Lila’s blog or the media: Israel has to stop her actions. Period. There seems to be some weak remark that “measures have to be taken” to prevent the smuggling of weapons into Gaza (where did they get all those rockets from anyway? Have they really smuggled them all in over the last years? I wouldn’t have thought that they had so many Grad rockets in Gaza) and something about “stopping every violence against civilians” – of course without the slightest emphasis to Israeli civilians under fire but instead a lot about poor, suffering Gaza residents. Does UNSC really and seriously suggest Israel moves out of Gaza now while leaving Be’er Sheva under rocket fire???

Sorry guys, I have to comprehend that.

so long



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