The most disgusting thing

Good morning everybody,

actually I don’t know if this one is real – I really hope it isn’t – but just in case it is it is the most disgusting thing I have seen in this conflict so far: Hamas calling upon the children of Gaza via al-aqsa TV to gather in front of a Hamas leader’s house so they can form a human shield against a planned Israeli airstrike.

Who in all the god’s names does something like that?

without any further words

update (14-01-09, 5:49 pm):

As it seems this was blind alarm. My reader Poor Insane was nice to provide me with this link (look down at “human shields”) showing that the video first of all was aired in March last year and second of all apparently didn’t address children directly but (“only”) civilians (anybody among my readers able to translate Arabic who can confirm that?). Though of course human shields are still disgusting enough I am gravely relieved that at least this wasn’t about children. Thanks so much Poor Insane!



  1. And where the Hell are these Kids? I just see a large Mob cleaning some garbage of a destroyed building. Wait i see the kids, they are right on the site were you see the iraqi massdestruction weapons.

    Could it be that you still search for a reason for that war?

    1. Dear PoorInsane:

      you’re getting something wrong here: This is not about the kids actually being at the site but about calling the kids to come to the site. So no wonder there are no kids on the video. It’s not about the picture, it’s about the text.

      1. following your logic you’d imply that by withdrawing from Gaza Israel ascended the steps leading to the current situation thereby suggesting Israel should have stayed in Gaza cause in that case it wouldn’t have concentrated Palestinians in one area (because Israelis were there too and would serve as a kind of shield for Palestinians living there)?

        Plus: Look what came first: The closing of crossings into Gaza or rockets and shells fired from Gaza into Israel? As far as I remember it was the other way round.

        @cluster bombs: I can’t remember having read Israel used any cluster bombs for bombing Gaza, I am not even sure about shells. As far as I am informed they mostly used highly precise missiles or tank fire. Do you have any different information? Can you show me a source?

        @the video: Thanks for the link 🙂 It’s relieving they at least didn’t address the children directly. I was really hoping it could be solved that way. (Though calling for people to form a human shield’s still bad enough).

  2. well, mkay, my fault. But in that message there is no talkin about childs, just in the translation. The interesting is that this message is from last year.

    The Human Shield argument is the lamest ive ever read. They dont let people out of gaza. So probaly everybody living there is some kind of human shield. You know gaza is one of the biggest populated locations in the world? You know that if you throw bombs there you just dont hit your target, since cluster bombs/shells and likewise arnt kind of high-precision weapon?.

    So think logically: First you push some million people in a small area. Than you build a wall around them and dont allow them to leave that. Than you cut down all live saving arrangements. If you didnt already collect the hate of the people now, than you get it at the point where you goin to start a war against them.

    But you can put them in a bad light, saying them they use human shields, are all over terroists and shooting at israeli locations. If you want them to stand in a really bad light you say the use childreen as human shields, shooting at israeli schools and do smuggel weapons etc in their prison.

    But well, the whole war down there is bad and there is no good if israelis think they could end that on this way, if they want to weak the “hamas” they need to kill everybody in gaza, cuz gaza is hamas. Have nice day

  3. Regarding Clusters:
    As i think youre a german speaker:,1518,599555,00.html

    Look at the picutres, Single charge ammunition looks clearly different.

    Well, human shields are the only effective way to stop a building to get destroyed. Sure its bad. Remember the human shield scandal in 2002?

    Badness is on booth sides.

    Thinking about the conflict:
    Well my logic is a little bit currious, i can understand the econimical reasons why the us and the uk are in need for a constant battlefield. Its not the fault of the israelis or palestinians, its more a fault by the concept of israel. If i go somewhere, where people live, take away their land and houses and declare my own state, expelling the guys wich lived there before, than i dont have to wonder if these people get angry on me.

    Following my thinkings is that this source of fire is intented by the former colonialists. They should have founded a state for booth ethnicals, giving each group a democratic right and possibilty to worship their choosen god. Not to make a state just for jews – cause its there holy land. If i want to to argue that way, Germany has to get Elsaß terroritry back, Königsberg back and Japan should be back in the chinese region. Oh and remeber Tibet? Even the native americans should overtake America – Cuz its their holy land.

    In fact the conflict is older than the actual crisis. And currently the only solving of this shit is by wiping out a ethincal group – making a fucking big quick genocide. Jews should know how to work that.

    Oh and regarding the actual conflict:

    So following my logic israel hasnt the right of existence in its current state – the current state and politics are an main reason for that conflict – The guys in Gaza dont shoot cuz they dont like jews, the shoot cuz their angry that they got expelled from their holy land. They all should live in peace together but nobody gets it how to realize that.

    1. I’ve read the Spiegel-article and there wasn’t as much as a word about cluster bombs but I can see what you are referring to with the pictures. Those show multiple small smoke-producing “rockets” used to cover a whole area in smoke. This is a technique widely used by armies all over the place and legal. What the article is about is the possible use of phosphor as smoke-producing agent which is suspected to cause burns and therefor prohibited to be used in heavily populated areas, such as wide areas in the Gaza strip.

      The whole issue has been discussed at Lila’s place a couple of days ago as far as I remember and I think there was something about no proof being given that those rockets actually contained phosphor (of course I see that it’s hard to give proof for either version in the middle of a war) but rather Spiegel speculating about it because apparently they needed some news to break. Personally I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that IDF indeed used phosphor to produce mist but don’t think it’s likely as there are plenty of other agents they could have used and that would look exactly the same on the pictures. But anyway this has nothing to do with cluster bombs (though I can see why it might look like that from the images).

      As for Israel’s right of existence and the “trigger” of the conflict I’ve written a own post on that one where I hope you’ll find some answers – and you might be able to supply me with some too.

  4. hey there,
    unfortunately I am on my way out for the evening so I am afraid I’ll have to answer your comment later on, perhaps tomorrow. Be assured though that I will do. I appreciate your differentiated point of view very much.

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