It’s over!

Shalom everybody,

hopefully this will be my last post posted under “Operation Cast Lead” – which is why I happened to also post it under “hope.” – seriously, I’ve had more then enough of it.

I’ve heard the news of the ceasefire a couple of days ago but after all the Israel-type-ceasefires – “we cease. they fire” – I’ve seen during the last years it hardly made me lift my head (and then I was pretty concerned with other things these days anyway as I am preparing to move again). Yet as the tanks started rolling out of Gaza and as, finally, just some minutes ago I saw the pictures of Israeli soldiers celebrating the ceasefire with Hamas, the end of the war they have fought in, at Letters from Rungholt I started realizing that another generation of Israeli youth had had their war – in Israel they say every generation gets their war eventually – and now it is over. And with a lot of good luck and, I guess, with protection of their god, the people of Israel might have bought some time of peace with their children’s blood again; time to rebuild, to heal wounds and go on with life.


Israeli soldiers celebrating the ceasefire. (source: SPON)


Israeli soldiers celebrating the ceasefire. (source: SPON)

As f or the Residents of Gaza, the big losers of the war, Letters of Rungholt’s Lila already put it into great words. I needn’t do any more than translating them:

[…] I feel very sorry for [the Palestinian civilians]. Contrary to Israeli rocket victims, which are being taken care of, I don’t know who will take care of this poor people. Hamas, which put away their food, has left them alone! They, who are congratulating them for martyrdom. It is awful! I have talked with a lot of people lately, and nobody, really nobody, reacted with malice or gloating. The first word would always be “miskenim“, the poor ones. It’s impossible to know whether these are frenetic followers of Hamas, that have supported the rocket terror, or scared neighbours, that didn’t dare to stop it – given the unscrupulousness of Hamas they can’t be blamed.

I hope they will be able to get rid of Hamas out of their own strength. We aren’t the right ones to crown a king in the Gaza strip, even though Hamas doesn’t deserve a single day of government. This would be room for maneuver for our peace-friends. Naturally it is easier to put Olmert under pressure then Haniyya, I can see that. It is also easier to search for a lost coin under the lantern then instead of in the darkness, even though one has lost it in some dark alleyway.

[source, translation by Migdalit]

Nothing left to add right now though likely discussions about the war and its rightness and proportionality and stuff like that will keep haunting us all for some more time – my blog’s readership more then tripled over the weeks of Operation Cast Lead! – but as far as I am concerned I don’t believe in taking apart every bit of data about things that happened again and again. But that, of course, might have something to do with me being Pagan and that nice history of our own that, taken apart, will lead us nowhere but into just those dark alleyways, where we might happen to find a forgotten coin or two but also a bunch of other memories not quite appealing …

So far all I am is happy that it’s over. The war is over. And I’ll just keep pretending I do believe in real, lasting peace this time – denial is not only a river in Egypt – until one day it will take place simply because some people never lost hope and kept hoping for, what might seem so far away today, all over the decades.

shalom wa-salam


P.S.: And of course Hamas does claim victory


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