Winograd for Hamas

Shalom everybody,

just some quick headlines as found at JPost before I get back into my moving-chaos:

Scoffing at Hamas’s claim that it emerged victorious from the war in the Gaza Strip, a prominent Palestinian academic and writer called on the Islamist movement to learn from the Israelis and form a Palestinian “Winograd Committee” to examine the group’s performance.

“We want Hamas to form a Gazan Winograd,” wrote Ahmed Abu Matar, referring to the commission that examined the government and IDF performance during the 2006 Second Lebanon War. […] [source]

this, of course is just the top of the iceberg of renewed (so far mostly verbal) fights between ex-coallition partners Fatah and Hamas:

[…] Over the weekend, a number of top Fatah and Palestinian Authority representatives reiterated allegations that Hamas was stealing aid from convoys that are being dispatched to the Gaza Strip. They also accused Hamas of escalating its massive crackdown on Fatah by continuing to shoot members of the faction in the legs.

Yasser Abed Rabbo, a senior PLO official and close adviser to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, claimed that Hamas had turned mosques into detention centers for interrogating and torturing Fatah activists. […] [source]

But still … so much notion of democracy and the PA’s population (okay, the academics for starters …) pushing forward for holding their governmental elites responsible for their deeds is a thing that lets one hope …

so far




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